Star Sign Compatibility: Is Your Match Written in the Stars?

Most people don’t need validation that their relationship is a match made in heaven. They just feel it. But many believe their romantic connection with another person is rooted in something much deeper—that astrology, the study of relative positions of the sun, moon, planets and related details of one’s birth, can provide information on their compatibility with another person.

Often, those who subscribe to this way of determining if they are well suited to their partner get astrologers to draw up these details known as a birth chart, as well as their partner’s, to ascertain if they have a prospective future together. ‘If you’re someone who longs for everlasting loyalty, you might want to be with a Taurus. If you’re not so into commitment in the first place, you may be better suited for someone who is a littler looser about it, like a Gemini,’ says Astrologer Mark Husson and author of LoveScopes: What astrology knows about you and the ones you love. ‘The answer always lies in your birth chart.’

Though even without a birth chart, Husson says we can get some basic answers to the most pertinent questions about our relationships such as, Is my love lasting? What can I do to make sure we go the distance? and Are we soul mates? by examining our star sign and how well we relate to others.

‘They may not act like their sign but I’ve rarely come across someone who is not their sign.”

So even if you are initially drawn to someone, there might be not enough of those special sparks to keep the attraction going. A Libra, for instance, who looks at the world like it’s a sea of relationships ready to be experienced, can have better result when dating a Gemini than dating a Scorpio who sees the world like it’s full of dangers ready to bite. There will likely be a lot of suspicion and confusion at play because they are so different.

On the other end of the spectrum, having a lot in common also has its downside: it too quickly becomes boring and without passion. ‘To have passion we have to have a bit of discord,’ says Husson, ‘so what some people are calling “compatibility” an astrologer might call “perfect tension”. No one wants to date their sister or brother.’

But how about if someone isn’t like their star sign? Husson says that this is rarely the case. ‘They may not act like their sign but I’ve rarely come across someone who is not their sign. When you see the complete combination of planets that make us who we are, it’s easy to see, for example, why this Gemini is a blabbermouth and this one is stoic. Your chart rarely “lies”.’

Astrologer Maya White agrees. ‘To think that one is the total opposite of his or her star sign is interesting from the point of view that there is always a dynamic between light and shadow’, she says. ‘The planetary placements in one’s horoscope add flavour and stir the kettle of a birth chart. Also, the way in which the planets relate to each other is an important influence.’

Social and cultural factors also determine how prominent the traits of your particular star sign are in you. ‘The signs lay 100% for the orientation. The environment, upbringing and social influences do 100% of the sculpting of that orientation,’ says Husson. ‘For example, Aries is a warrior sign. On a scale of 1 to 10 we have 1 being mean and argumentative, and on the 10 we have encouraging and inspirational. That’s the orientation. Now depending on what their early childhood nurtures, the outcome will vary.’

So if looking at star signs is anything to go by when evaluating one’s compatibility with another, it helps to know how it has come to be a measure for a successful relationship. ‘I like to think of astrology as a guidebook for the game of life. A kind of navigational tool as we set sail on the sea of life,’ says White. Husson believes the same. ‘Every relationship has 10 point potential. I’ve met several couples who don’t look so compatible when looking at their star signs but who know where their challenges are as a couple and work this to a 10. Couples who aren’t into hard work probably won’t even try.’

Perhaps the key to keeping the love and romance strong in any relationship, beyond the initial attraction, is to understand what your differences are and to either accept or compromise on them. But then again, if you want to fast forward and know what these are, just look to the stars.

Matches made in heaven?

Astrologer Mark Husson provides a LoveScope, or a love rating, based on a 1-10 scale for some possible pairings—a quick way to evaluate the success of an entire relationship. The lower the score, the more challenges you face as a couple.

Aries + Sagittarius  6.3

Taurus + Capricorn 8.9

Gemini + Pisces 3.5

Cancer + Scorpio 9.4

Leo + Leo 8.8

Virgo + Libra 4.9

Libra + Aries 7.8

Scorpio + Taurus 8.8

Sagittarius + Capricorn 5.1

Capricorn + Pisces 8.2

Aquarius + Gemini 7.8

Pisces + Scorpio 9.1

By Christine Dominguez, the Media Coordinator for Hay House Australia with an interest in health, wellbeing, psychology and metaphysics.

LoveScopes: What Astrology Knows about You and the Ones You Love by Mark S. Husson is available at all leading retailers. CLICK HERE for more information.

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