Attracting Love & Romance – Doreen Virtue

Busy singles, especially single parents, often struggle to make time to meet new people and date. How are you supposed to help your son do his homework, take your daughter to swimming lessons, fix dinner, and go on a date – all in the same evening?

Some singles have simply given up, or have put their love lives on hold until their children are older. But many singles crave the romance and companionship of a steady relationship. However, their tight schedules keep them out of the dating scene.

Here are my top three suggestions, culled from my own experiences as a single mother, and from working with single counseling clients and workshop attendees for the past dozen years:

1. Make Your Life Gracious and Romantic, Now

It’s a mistake to delay the enjoyment of life while you wait to be in a relationship. Romance is a state of mind, and you deserve to enjoy its pleasant feelings every day – with or without a partner. Plus, anything that boosts your mood also boosts your opportunities to meet Mr. or Ms. Right. We’re naturally more friendly, outgoing, and attractive when we’re in a good mood!

So create a romatic atmosphere at your home with a fresh flower bouquet and flowers. Soak in a hot bubble bath surrounded by candles, and accompanied by soft music, great reading material, and a refereshing drink. Watch a romatic movie, sway to classical music, turn your bedroom into a comforable retreat stuffed with pillows, fresh linens, and flowers.

“Romance is a state of mind, and you deserve to enjoy its pleasant feelings everyday – with or without a partner.”

2. Go Places

You can’t meet the man or woman of your dreams while holed up alone at home. You also don’t want to pu t your life on hold waiting for a relationship to make you feel complete. That’s why evening classes and self -improvement activities are perfect: they get you out of the house where you can meet new people, and they help enrich your life as well.

3. Be Approachable

Eligible dating and marriage partners are everywhere in great abundance! I can’t help but chuckle when my workshop attendees complain that there are “no good single people anywhere.” These are usually the same people who complain that “there are too may people on the road,” or “the crowds at the bank, store and so on are ovewhelming!”

Be open to meeting potential dates in ordinary places that you frequent during your busy week: the grocery store, library, bank, commuter bus or train, or health club. When you are out, make freindly eye contact with other people. Wear something that will start a conversation. If someone smiles at you, say “Hi” and then let nature take its course. Assume the best when talking to a new person (“I naturally make friends,” “People always like me”) so you’ll radiate a positive attitude. Focus on having fun, and you’ll reduce self-conscious worries.

Doreen Virute is a spiritual doctor of psychology and a fourth-generation metaphysician who works with the angelic, elemental, and ascended-master realms in her writings and workshops. Doreen is holding her Angel Intuitive workshop on the Sunshine Coast, November 2010. CLICK HERE for more information.

2 Responses to “Attracting Love & Romance – Doreen Virtue”
  1. Katren Gardner says:

    Many people go out “on the hunt” and it is extremely noticeable – so what happens, because they are desperately seeking a partner they attract the wrong type of person simply because they just want a partner and anyone will do when they are in that frame of mind. They go as far as settling for this person and later down the track wonder what went wrong? Once again the “game” starts and sometimes they stay in this mode.

    So, you want a partner – I hope you love yourself and look after yourself, before even thinking of entering the playfield out there. This is very important for you for the betterment of your life and to fulfil your needs.

    Do not compromise who you are for anybody because when and if that happens you will once more end up unhappy and alone and wondering what happened – hey if you compromise yourself for something as important as this and are untrue to yourself then it is pretty obvious what the outcome will be.

    Yes, I have personally been in relationships and marriages and this is why I KNOW and have observed and learnt and grown as a person from these, it wasn’t easy and caused pain and emotional hurt for both sides but I was not going to compromise myself for any one and so therefore had to removed myself from the situation.

    You may well ask well then what happened to you? Did I change? Did I ever go out desperately looking for anyone to come into my life as company? Definitely no to the last question, and no I didn’t change for I am I and I love that person as she is – learning all the time but changing myself – well I wouldn’t be me if I did that.

    I had ten years on my own, but never alone for our angels are with us, and I really got to know me and what I wanted and so one night I sat pen in hand and wrote a list of what specifically I would like in a partner if I were to enter another relationship, didn’t leave out a thing – compassion, humour, gentleness, generosity of heart and kind deeds, etc., etc. etc. and when I had done this I read it, put it away and then a week later reread it and burnt it.

    Please remember to keep a smile in your heart and let it radiate to your face and share it with people you come in contact with – its contagious.

    I now have the most wonderful partner and have been with him for eighteen months. He is as loving and caring and sincere a man as you would want – and that my friends is what I asked for, I put it up to the universe and said if this is meant to be can he have the attirubutes I had asked for. Oh yes, and then some and how did I meet him – well working as a telemarketer for the RSPCA he had been one of my customers for at least six years and he was struggling in his life – I picked this up in his voice and suggested he talk out his problems as I knew there was something causing him pain in his life, so he did. We talked on the phone for a couple of weeks at home and then we arranged to meet – nervewracking because I KNEW when talking with him this was IT – and it is and it is everything I have deserved (and he too). Thank you gorgeous man for sharing your life with me, although I do believe we have been there in a past life.

    Thank you Universe – I am a very happy and contented person in the very right place – and I did all of the above and showered myself with love, perfume, music, chocolates, meals out, beautiful angel figurines, fabulous linen, and always candlelight – you name it I had a great time in those ten years (at the same time bringing up two children!!)

    Try it , write what you want down hand it over to the universe and go on with your life loving yourself and looking after yourself and just see what is around that corner. And by the way I have flowers every week, only now I dont buy them!!!

    Light and love and angelic hugs, Katren xoxoxo

  2. Diana B says:

    I enjoyed this article and I also liked Karen’s response. I also did what Karen did and Doreen has suggested. I recently broke up with my boyfriend of 2 years and decided to take myself out on a date. I did things for me, things I loved. Sat in the sun, went shopping, walked in the park, bought myself a tasty meal. On the date, I wrote in a small notebook all the qualities I know I deserve in a soul mate. I also bought some love trinkets for my house, candles, rose oil and flowers and I left it to the universe.

    somehow I was in the right place at the right time because in about a month I met somebody fantastic 🙂 thanks universe ❤

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