Trusting Your Intuition

Your intuition is a very valuable tool that you can use to create ease and happiness in your life. Everyone has intuition as well as the ability to use it. Intuition can be that little voice inside your head, a vision or dream, a gut feeling, or just a feeling of knowingness. Intuition is very powerful but it is often blocked by fear; fear of the unknown and fear of failure. You can learn to trust your intuition and learn how it works for you. Sometimes your intuition will not make sense, but it will feel right. Do not be scared of it, embrace it and have fun with it!

When we get that nudge to do something, we often question it and think ‘there is no logical reason as to why I should be feeling this’,  so we ignore that nudge and carry on with our lives. As time passes we look back and realise that our intuition was correct and we regret not paying attention to it.

So how can you start to learn to trust your intuition? Well it is a big step to just wake up one day and trust all of your gut feelings. It is incredibly daunting and you will not be used to it. The idea is to slowly train yourself to trust your intuition. Start small and gradually learn little by little how your intuition works for you.

“Intuition can be that little voice inside your head, a vision or dream, a gut feeling, or just a feeling of knowingness.”

Start in the morning by just taking notice of one thing that ‘tugs’ at you or something you have a strong feeling about. You may have a feeling or a knowing to dress nicely and professionally, this might not make sense as it might be casual day at work and everyone will be wearing jeans and T-shirts. But as an experiment go with what you feel and dress up. You just might get to work and senior management springs a surprise visit and notices your professional appearance leading to an informal chat and then maybe a meeting to share your ideas.

You might get a feeling to take a different route to school or work. The traffic report might be opposite to what you feel, but just trust what you get and go with the flow. You might find that you reduce your travel time by ten minutes have time to have a coffee at the cafe.

The more you experiment with your intuition the more you will learn. Have some fun and test yourself. The next time the phone rings, use your intuition to determine who’s on the other end.  As you go for a walk and see dogs with their owners, use your intuition and ask what the dog’s name is, then ask the dog’s owner to see if you were correct. Play a game with your friends, get them to think of a shape and ‘tune into’ them and see if you can work out the shape they are focussing on.

The key is to keep practicing and think of fun ways to use your intuition. The more fun you have, the less scary it will be!
As you learn to use your intuition with life’s little things, you will start to use it for bigger challenges in your life. These could be relationship matters or career changes. Slowly but surely your intuition will prove itself and you will begin to use it more and more.

What do you think? What fun ways have you used your intuition? When have you acted upon your intuition and had a positive experience as a result?

Sarah Mugford is a guest blogger for Hay House Australia –

4 Responses to “Trusting Your Intuition”
  1. cathie says:

    Hi there…I do trust my intituition, however, I know that sometimes my gut instinct is based on fears, and sometimes nerves of trying something new.
    I have trusted my intituition before, and it served me well.
    I am in a pretty new phase of life…so would like to be less nervous, but the old gut reaction comes up again!

    • Kathryn Morgan says:


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  2. I just did a reiki session today which brought about some really specific messages. I never understood how people managed to get letters or names of things but then today it happened to me! Then I went to my computer and here is a blog about intuition. Don’t you just love that!

    I spent most of my adult life living from my consciousness rather than from my gut instinct. Since finding my intuition, my life has been joyous and easy. Before this, it was strained, stressful, anxious and all the other negative emotions we feel when we are going against the current. It took for me to get to the point of giving up that I found what I had all along and I am so grateful I did.

    Since then, I always make my decisions based on my gut feeling not on what I ‘think’ is logical. It is amazing how much more clarity comes with each decision by making it in this way. Each time I do it, it gets easier and easier to find the answer. Sometimes the answer doesn’t come straight away however so it is important for me to leave it alone and allow it to come in when the time is right.

    You are so right Sarah, intuition is fun and I absolutely recommend for everyone to have a play with it.

  3. Katren Gardner says:

    Intuition – amazingly I had it before I knew what it was. When pregnant I knew it was a boy and it was, and when pregnant with my daughter I took all pink baby clothes into the hospital – the staff were extremely concerned for me and were discussing how to help me cope if it were a boy – no need for that I joyfully welcomed Samantha Kate Margaret into my arms – and by the way I knew I was pregnant even before tests could be carried out to confirm it!

    Years ago I told my mother that my twin brother had been involved in an accident and she said it was a lot of rot – surprisingly three days later the news came through that he had survived an accident with a tree as big as a house in outback Australia and managed to walk to find help!

    A phone call at work one day and my supervisor handed me the phone, I was with a customer at the time and it took a while before I picked the phone up to find no-one there. Speaking with my supervisor she said it was Samantha – I looked at her and said she’s been a car accident hasn’t she? In a very hoity toity fashion she said I don’t know – just ring her and get back to work – sorry couldn’t get back to work I rang and indeed she had been in an accident on her way home from work – raced home to be with her. How did I know? I just did.
    Following the accident she was treated for a whiplash injury – spoke with our local doctor and said there is something very wrong with Samantha’s back – he looked at me and said oh its you I”d better order a cat scan.
    Following the cat scan the doctor rang and asked me to bring Samantha in – at that time I just asked what neurosurgeon and when. Yup, you’ve guessed it she had such a badly prolapsed disc in her back that without intervention by a surgeon she would not have the use of her bladder or bowel functions.. My doctor has told my partner Chris that if I say anything is amiss to take notice because he has never known me to come in without knowing that the problem is.

    Married (thankfully divorced from) the kid’s father was unbelievable, I was not aware of his drinking or penchance for violence and during my first pregnancy he started the hitting, bashing, emotional and verbal abuse. Horrible but I stayed as we do believing he would change – I would get a feeling in my gut to leave the farmhouse and my car was right outside the door – so I would head off and sleep in the car with the children – the one time I did not take notice and tried to quieten him down I ended up in hospital – end of marriage then and there, painful emotionally and physically but I knew that one day he would kill me and my kids needed their mother alive and healthy.

    Take notice of your gut feeling and follow it do not cross it because it is there for a reason. Listen to and go by the feelings in your body and look after yourself. If it relates to someone you know then talk with them – they might think you are crazy but we know we are not. Better to be safe than sorry.

    There are a multitude of stories I could tell, but I will finish this off with saying that I now KNOW and I know that I am an intuitive earth angel – got the paper from Doreen to prove it as I did her Angel Intuitive course. Just follow your message or feeling whatever it is for you and you can save a lot of struggle if you fight it or put it down.

    Light and love and angelic hugs.

    Katren xoxoxo

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