“What a Coincidence!”: How Chance Works in Your Favour

Have you ever found yourself saying, “Wow, what a coincidence!” and having moments in your life where you wonder things aren’t more than just a coincidence?

From my own personal experience, I’ve found that there’s  a lot more going on than we are consciously aware of most of the time.  I’ve also found that the more open you are to the possibility of receiving these synchronicities the more they seemingly happen.

I believe synchronicities are our guide’s and loved ones’ way of not only letting us know they are around, but also giving us that slight nudge in our life to get us on that right path.  Sometimes they will make it so obvious that you can’t help but notice, whilst at other times the nudges can be subtle and easily missed.

There are many times where we are stuck in life, wishing we could get that magic answer to fix everything via the billboard in the sky.  But what if it is there and we are just missing the signs or writing them off as mere coincidence?


“If you are open to receiving and open to acknowledging “they” will go out of their way to give you signs.”

Here are some examples of synchronicity:

· Thinking of a loved one and a song comes on in the car that reminds you of them.

· Thinking of someone and the phone rings and it’s them.

· Electrical equipment behaving strangely and turning on and off.

· Random events and chance meetings with people who end up becoming integral to a career or life change.

· Finding coins and butterflies in places you normally wouldn’t expect them to be.

All of the above have happened in my life – in just the last 12 months. Not only that but I believe they have probably been happening all of my life, but I have been largely unaware until recently.

So how do you keep yourself open to these signs?  It’s about awareness and opening up to the possibility but just as important is acknowledging.  If you are open to receiving and open to acknowledging “they” will go out of their way to give you signs.

I now keep a synchronicity journal and write down all of my synchronicities daily.  In much the same way a dream journal is an excellent way of remembering dreams, a synchronicity journal helps you remember signs which often may mean nothing at the time to you but seemingly make so much sense later on and was your “heads up”.

I also write or draw anything I see or hear during meditations.  I find a lot of my signs now come through this way and I will write or draw what I see.  Below are some examples from my own journal to show you what I mean.

Once whilst driving home from a meditation I had the following “hands” symbol come to me which I drew in my journal whilst stopped at the traffic lights.   It meant absolutely nothing to me at the time but the very next week at meditation class I heard someone mention a Psychic Fair in Perth which I was very interested in knowing more about.

That night I came home and went on the internet to search for “Perth Psychic Fair” and the very first website I came across had the following logo:

I immediately recognised this logo as the one I had drawn and seen in my mind a week earlier.  This was the sign I needed because my guides knew I was now open and taking notice.  As you can see from my journal it was a definite “WOW” moment for me to validate that my guides are communicating with me and that I am on my right path!

So find yourself a journal and you might just find that guidance and communication is only a thought away.

Frank Matera is a guest blogger for Hay House Australia -http://www.facebook.com/frank.matera?ref=search

5 Responses to ““What a Coincidence!”: How Chance Works in Your Favour”
  1. Gael de Jonge says:

    Wow! alright. Thanks for sharing this Frank, you are certainly on a roll with your psychic development, very encouraging to the rest of us starting out. Enjoy every moment!

  2. Ornella says:

    Coincidence! I use to find myself saying “oh my God what a coincidence”. Then about 11 years ago I started watching John Edward on his television show called Crossing over with John Edward and now being a member of Infinite Quest that was also started by John, changed my life forever and having continued to be a huge fan of what John Edward and people like him do.That was no coincidence that I started watching him. I have come to believe that there aren’t any coincidences in life .Not even one!. What happens, happens for a reason a bigger plan than any of us can ever imagine. Isn’t that wonderful to think that these situations occur because they are meant to not because of any other reason. I understand for some it may seem silly, complicated, not real or worth dwelling upon . People look for so many excuses and can’t accept the obvious. It is what it is and none of us can control it or take responsibility for it. That’s the problem I think for all of us. Why does everything have to be explained? There isn’t always a clean cut answer for things in life and instead of accepting it we continue digging to find a truth we aren’t always willing to recognize anyway. I feel that it is a Blessing that I accept it, whatever it is. So called coincidences are treasures for us to continue to seek out what is there for all of us to explore, and ultimately what we already know but need to learn to be open minded in order to see a clear picture. For someone that has to analyze everything in my own life, this has been truely a test of Faith for me. So I may occasionally start by saying “oh my God….” But I quickly catch myself and say this is no Coincidence!!
    Thanks for Reading.

  3. Kathleen Fugle says:

    Saw John Edwards on the View recently. Couple things rose up in my awareness, close to sleep. A book I had as a child, a metaphysical version of Cinderella. The illustrations in a simple dutch style. A really lovely book. The picture of her kneeling in her wedding dress with the animals around. About the big Me and the little me. Blowing out the little me, etc. I’d completely forgotten about that book. The Other remembrance was of an actress, Glenda Jackson, whom I haven’t thought of in years. Back in the late 90’s use to follow the work of a particular actor, and every time I’d watch one of his movies, something would happen with the electrical power. The whole block would lose power, the store I worked at, things like that, unusual and out of the ordinary. Haven’t followed his business in years, and recently something came up in twitter step, and my neighbor lost her electrical power in house. Just weird stuff like that. Anyway, it’s all an interesting experience in life. John Edward was saying something about us all being energy. I understood what he was talking about. Have another situation with someone that is confusing and drawn out. His wife passed a year and a half ago. Very confusing. Feel really in love with him, but don’t know if it’s her or me. Like sympathy pains, but don’t know. Anyway, I listen to Wayne Dyer’s Excuses Begone program on CD while on the way to work, and have been reading some of the other related books he recommended. Things seem centered around the power of thought. I was raised in The Infinite Way, which ultimately says thought and mind is not power. As for myself, I’m not that illumined and do live in a world of thoughts, so these other approached are helpful for me dealing with a lot of negative, self sabatoge type thinking. Anyway, this is too long, so I will sign off now and say thanks Hay house for your works and publications.


  4. ” I enjoyed this article a lot, especially since this kind of thing has happened to me so much in my life. When I moved to Australia in the late 80s, I took a five week visit to New Zealand first. On the plane, I met a guy who was next to me from Fiji to Auckland.

    We just hit it off and laughed so much! I was relaxed and just enjoyed myself so much. Arrival time was about 8 o’clock in the evening and this man, Wally, asked me where I was staying — to which I honestly said I didn’t know. I would never do this today but I took him up on his offer to stay at his place. He’d been travelling in Turkey and was just home after a couple years, I think. I don’t remember all the details but it just felt right at that moment.

    What can I say? We fell for each other. I stayed a few weeks but was uncertain how long I was to stay, still not wanting to wear out my welcome. One day Wally had a job interview and asked me to take his girls, 14 and 8, to the Art Museum, something I was happy to do. To be brief, by the end of those two hours, I was aware of something I couldn’t quite fathom at that moment: being a survivor of a very serious crime within my family, I finally found the words. I told him I thought his girls were being sexually abused.

    How did I know this? Nothing was said outright; in fact, nothing was said at all. I’d never met them before but did know that Wally and their mother were divorced. I must’ve been seeing what wasn’t there, I told myself. It was crazy. We spoke to the girls together, which was good so I could see how they interacted with their father. The conversations continued without me: I somehow knew that it was time to leave.

    After I’d celebrated New Year’s in Sydney, I received a letter from Wally. It turned out that his ex-wife’s boyfriend was the perpetrator. The girls would be okay and I breathed a sigh of relief. I was only 25 then but I made a difference. No, I don’t take the credit.

    Synchronicity was the only explanation. I believe in these things, though I always want solid answers to my questions in life. They aren’t there. And I accept that now.


  5. Katren Gardner says:

    When my daughter took me to see Doreen Virtue five years ago in Western Australia as a gift for my birthday I was just sooo excited and on the drive there I said “wouldn’t it be great to speak with Doreen personally and it would be great if she has a calendar or diary we could purchase”. Well – sitting listening to Doreen and feeling the love packed into that room we did a card reading and she asked if anyone got the right answer from their card, many people put their hands up and would you believe it she chose to speak with me, acknowledged my answer and upon my thanking my daughter for the gift of the ticket for my birthday Doreen wished me a “happy birthday” and asked me to come on stage as she had something special for me as a gift – a beautiful citrine necklace (I had been looking for a piece of citrine jewellery for some time!!) – you can imagine the goosebumps and then I was asked to choose anything that I wanted from the items on sale – what did I get – a perpetual flip calendar “Messages from your Angels” (this item had only just been released!!)- double wow. I may have made the comment to my daughter and put it out there but this was unbelievable – and to add to such an unbelievable moment Steven Farmer did his Power Animals talk and selected me from this large audience told me about my buffalo and gave me a copy of his book – incredible and somehow I just knew that something different was going to happen that day, something life changing and it was no coincidence.

    When the phone rings I know who it is and sometimes have been talking about this person just prior to the call.

    Random events and chance meetings with people – I had been through a torrid and extremely painful time with a back injury (filled with pain medications and still suffering pain) and was booked for an operation on my back when Hay House rang to ask me if I would like to be a helper with their “I can Do It” weekend workshop in Perth – hey I said I’d love to but it would only be 7 weeks after back surgery, so I asked for information about the weekend and booked it – this was no coincidence it was meant to be I was not even aware that there was a workshop. Yes, once again there was synchronicity right in my face. This changed my life, gave me something to look forward to and when I booked the ticket I KNEW that this was a new beginning for me – I knew right then and there that this was a new beginning after all that I had been through and it has been miraculous. No painkillers, no pain, a fabulous weekend with the Hay House crew and meeting the most wonderful spiritual people and hearing and learning so much from the presenters. I now know where I am going and what my life’s purpose is and that is to help as many people and spread light and love and teach and write and learn as much as I can to continue this path, all from one phone call!!!! Interestingly enough after doing my AI course in Coolum I had changed my address and my emails address but not my phone number and it was as if I were meant to do this – no coincidence just unversal coordination and co-operation!

    Everything happens for a purpose and I look back over many years and see that so much was, and is related to synchronicity for my higher powers, angels and spiritual guides are putting things “right in my face” and I am embracing this and will continue to do so.

    May the Universe treat you all with such wondrous, momentous life changing journeys, just stop, look and listen – we are not alone and our paths are ever changing for the better.

    Light and love and angelic hugs

    Katren xoxoxo

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