Are There Angels Among Us?

It’s interesting how many people who don’t follow a particular religion, or wouldn’t even call themselves spiritual, believe in angels.

A recent Nielsen survey showed 63% of Australians believed in miracles and 51% in angels. It seems quite surprising for a secular society. But then, we don’t necessarily have to believe in God or the Universe to call on an angel for help, says Doreen Virtue, a spiritual doctor of psychology and fourth-generation metaphysician.

“Angels are non-denominational and help anyone who calls upon them.” Also, she adds, even if you don’t pray to them, they will intervene when your life is at risk or in danger. Experiencing this first hand has sparked her life long commitment with working with the angelic realm.

Years ago, driving around in her white convertible with the top down, Doreen felt someone, or something, telling her to put the top up, and that she was in danger. She ignored the warning, and a short time later, as she parked the car, two armed men holding weapons attacked her, intent on a carjacking. “Even though I’d ignored the angels’ warning the first time,” she says, “they came back to help me.I heard a loud male voice in my ear telling me to scream as loudly as I could. I believe that saved my life.” Since that incident, Doreen has learnt to listen to the angels and feels on assignment to help others.

“…we don’t necessarily have to believe in God or the Universe to call on an angel for help, says Doreen Virtue”

Having visited Australia several times already, Doreen has found Australians to be particularly receptive to her teachings. “I’ve found Australians are the most open to this of any culture,” she says. “At my workshops, all sorts of people come along: Catholics, Jews, Muslims, Jehovah’s, Wiccans, agnostics… they all believe in angels.”

So the question becomes: why are we so open to angels? Our multicultural society, Doreen believes, is part of the answer. She’s also found that people today are increasingly exploring new ways of healing, especially when they hit personal crises, or health crises. “In my experience,” she says, “a lot of those people communicate with their angels and end up with better outcomes… A lot of people start out as sceptics and then their experiences help change their minds.”

What do you think? Do you believe there are angels among us? Do you think Australians are more open than other countries to this idea? Why? And why angels, not God for example, for divine guidance and help?

Christine Dominguez is the Media Coordinator at Hay House Australia with an interest in health, wellbeing, psychology and metaphysics.

19 Responses to “Are There Angels Among Us?”
  1. Joanna Hall says:

    I definitely believe in angels….two different psychics in different parts of the world have identified an angel who is with me in times of trouble…my maternal grandmother. It is a comforting thought….I also believe some living people are angels too…..

  2. I am a huge fan of Doreen and I am actually lucky enough to be working on a project with her musician Mark Watson.

    Angels are most certainly among us. I know this to be true because the product I am working on with Mark was bought to me this way. It was an incredibly surreal experience and I was even guided to contact Mark to ask him to work with me. To my amazement, he agreed and we have been working together ever since. I feel so blessed and loved and so honoured that I was chosen for this journey.

    I believe Australian’s are more receptive to Angels because we are certainly multicultural but in addition to that, we are open to other ideas, concepts and religions. America is a highly religious country which is wonderful, however in my circle of friends, not one of us practices a specific religion. We all have our own beliefs. I think this is a such a peaceful existence because we are accepting of ‘oneness’ rather than any specific religion. I am so happy to be this way because it gives me the opportunity to learn about all religions without judgement and accept everybody’s beliefs as right for them. It also enables me the freedom to have my own beliefs and that includes speaking to angels often.

    I am not sure that most of us choose angels ‘over’ god. I believe that it may be that we are aware that angels are the messengers for a higher source so our awareness of this enables us to utilise the ‘heirachy’ more effectively. It also enables us to feel their presence in a greater way than going straight to the source. In addition, angels are a wonderful source to call upon because there are so many of them that we can call on a specific one for any given situation. I call on one for my exams, one for when I lose things, one for protection etc etc. I believe us Aussies understand this concept and as I always say, “variety is the spice of life”. I personally feel as though I have this amazing band of angels surrounding me and just waiting for their next job. What an incredible feeling to know I am so well looked after.

    • hayhouseoz says:

      Yes we certainly do have our own beliefs and are more spiritually open because we the majority of us don’t practice a specific religion. Great response Wendy and I’m so glad to know you’re working with Mark Watson! Can you tell us more about this exciting new project?

  3. Sheryn Gung says:

    Calling all angels – and there are certainly a great many of them around us! Australians do tend to be very open to the idea of angels; while a diverse range of cultures and religions are a contributing factor, I believe that angels play such a prominent role in the Australian society because of the very nature of the country we inhibit. Australia is a beautiful country filled with a life force energy that’s unique to this land – coloured by stories from the Dreamtime and blessed with some of the most unique animals and plant life on this Planet. With this kind of energy, Australians have a “head-start” in connecting with the Divine… and for many of us, this can be interpreted as communicating with Angels.

    I’ve come to realise through teaching and mentoring Children of the New Earth, that many of them come from a Christian background but struggle with the concept of God. They find it hard to believe that God is an old man with a long white beard in a robe, sitting on a cloud pointing his finger at us and judging us! And of course, this is not the truth. Angels, on the other hand, have not been painted in such a way, so many people find it easier to call on them for help and guidance. There is an innate understanding that Angels love us unconditionally and will never condemn us for our “sins”! When exploring the concept of God with a group of Indigos one time, one girl pointed out, “I don’t think I’ll ever be comfortable with the Westernized notion of ‘God’. But if I think of ‘God’ as one big group of Angels, well, that makes me feel a whole lot better.” Yes, ‘God’ as a Group of Angels can many people feel a whole lot better about connecting to the Divine.

    • hayhouseoz says:

      Love your response Sheryn, makes me feel privileged to know we live in such a spiritually open society. I totally agree that angels are far more easier to embrace than the idea that there is a God in the sky who judges our every move. I’d love to send you some angel cards to give to the Children of the New Earth. Can you tell us more about what you do when you mentor them? Christine x

  4. Cathy Dowds says:

    Just like here on earth, where we have tradesmen who specialise in certain jobs so do the angels. Our spiritual beings of wonderful love and light help in All areas of our lives. In my daily affairs I call upon the healing angels, inspirational angels, angels for children, animals, direction, motivation, love, peace, harmony. Angels are there whenever I need them, they provide me with their knowledge, teachings and absolute protection. ASK!!! That is all that is required. When I pray and ASK for divine guidance, the answer is given. The angels may manifest in human form, when a random act of kindness is given to a stranger. They manifest in nature and animals. Their love is unconditional.

    My belief in angels has always been with me. It has become stronger over the years as I have developed spiritually.

    • hayhouseoz says:

      I think asking is definitely the key here. Because we are given the free will, it is up to us to ASK and receive divine guidance and protection. Though, as shown with Doreen’s story, the angels are there to help at the eleventh hour. Thanks Cathy for sharing your experience with us. Christine x

  5. Diana S says:

    I don’t believe there are Angels, I KNOW there are Angels. Just as much as I don’t ‘believe’ there is a Sun in the sky, I KNOW there is a Sun in the sky. I talk to Angels and Fairies everyday, and they talk to me. I understand there is conjecture as to whether this is a reality or not. I see it the same as in the days when only few people knew the Earth was round, though popular belief held it was flat. Because the majority thought it to be a particular way did not make it correct. I think we are living in a time when there are enough people interacting with Angels on an everyday basis that it is out in the open, and we are ever so fortunate to live in a time when we are not put to death for expressing so. In time, people were satisfied with the evidence that the Earth is in fact a globe. I believe one day, science will have the technology to detect Angel energy and the majority will have no choice but to acknowledge. This is not something I fight for, just something that I know will happen in time, even if it is centuries?

    I think Australians are more open to Angels than some other countries would be because we are less traditionally focussed when it comes to religious practices. When you follow domga to the letter, there are ways you must act, things you must say, behaviour you must display. Angels may guide or suggest, but they don’t demand like the God of our writings do (though I don’t believe that of God myself). Australians have a cultural characteristic of not liking being told what to do, so therefore, Angels who are there for you no matter what, are an easier entity/Divine Being to invite into your everyday life, regardless of your idea of God.

    I have been reading Dr Doreen Virtue’s work since year 2000 and have thoroughly enjoyed my meeting her in 2004 then being one of her Angel Helpers at one of her subsequent workshops. I can feel the magic that surrounds her as much as I feel that magic within me. Angelic energy is soft yet present, kind and loving, always sure. Sometimes I get my tingles, sometimes I feel and hear a steady vibratory pattern, sometimes I hear, sometimes I just know. Love communicates in so many ways, and to me, Angels are a love form, an expression of the Divine helping us in a format that does not appear to be overwhelming or far removed, as sometimes God is thought of. So whether God made Angels, or we made Angels to describe smaller packets of the Divine Being, Angels are here always, all ways ♥..♥..♥..♥..♥..♥

    Much love to you

    • hayhouseoz says:

      Great response Diana. I agree that because Australia is less traditionally focused when it comes to religious practices, we become more spiritually open. It kind of reminds me of a quote by Wayne Dyer, “Be attached to nothing, but open to everything”. Thanks for contributing, Christine x

  6. Wendy Harrison - Angel Intuitive, Reiki Master, Health Practitioner and Believer in Miracles says:

    So the question becomes: why are we so open to angels? and are there angels among us?

    I wondered whose child she could be – standing there, alone, staring soulfully at me. The dress she wore was stained and fell in tatters. I only noticed her limp, when she moved to close the distance between us – and my gaze immediately fell to her bare feet. My heart cried out to her, like parent to a child. Age-wise, she appeared no more than 3 or 4 years old, and yet when she spoke, her voice carried an assurance far beyond her earthly years. ‘I’m your daughter – I’ve been looking for you for a very long time.’ Her words shocked me and I gently explained to her, I didn’t have a daughter. Yet she remained adamant, she was my child, and so vivid were her words and image, thoughts of her remained etched in my mind.

    The next few years saw many changes in my life and most of all I wanted to believe the difficulties I had faced in my life had purpose. One night – as I lay in bed, surmising I may not have the valid answers to all life’s questions or even a broad enough perspective to take in all possibilities – she returned to me. I recognized her immediately – recognized that same assessing stare. Whilst floating above me at ceiling height, she smiled down and explained – ‘You wanted to know when I was coming – well I’m here!’ I was 44 years old and wondered how she knew I was thinking of babies. Was her manifestation a form of healing energy, an answered prayer? In that moment I chose to surrender to the angelic presence before me knowing I, too, had the childlike capacity to view this moment with an open mind.

    Pregnancy was as I imagined – her energy made my heart flutter, my toes tingle, my eyes smile, and my mind race with the possibility of all form of miracle. My relationship with my partner stormed – my physical-self weakened by his abuse, my heart broken by unrequited love, and the knowledge I was facing a serious crisis of faith.

    Several months in to the pregnancy I climbed into a warm bath. It was like returning to the womb, my pregnant tummy an unclaimed island paradise buoyed by a calm gentle sea. My tears fell like a soft shower of rain, finally escalating to a torrential downpour. My wails of despair added to the emotional storm. And above the chaos of the moment – SHE appeared to me once again – supremely beautiful, filled with a compassion reaching beyond physical description. Her words and her hands touched me – caressing not only my physical being, but my spiritual being as well. ‘Don’t worry; I will take care of you. I know this has all become too hard for you.’ The sense of her physicality in the room – separated from the pregnancy – created a surreal atmosphere. I cried even harder, as the ‘real truth’ of her words began to sink in. I didn’t want her to leave me – ever!

    My angel did not conform to this world, she transformed my world with her parting message – ‘You don’t need Me (a baby) inside you ‘to love’ – you need to love yourself ‘. Although she never lived to take breath on this earthly plane, she allowed ME to be reborn in spirit and renewed in mind and body. If we think of angels in terms of heavenly beings, then surely if we acknowledge their presence in our lives, we also allow ourselves to experience heaven here and now. There were days when negative judgments would have painted the picture of my life as hell, if my heart-of-hearts hadn’t recognized the light in the darkness was heaven.

    So the question continues: why are we so open to angels? and are there angels among us?
    For those of us following a spiritual principle in life – we recognize our soul nature resides within in us in loving and trusting anticipation. In our mission of life discovery we identify the power of divine love is never restricted by time, space, or circumstance. As we encounter new perspectives which awaken greater insight we become enlightened and recognize the unique contributions, efforts, and the gifts angels share with us. This is the joy of the enquiring mind.

    I named my daughter Michaela the female derivative of Michael. My angel didn’t manifest in ‘traditional form’ – dressed in white with gorgeous matching wings. My angel appeared to me in a form I would recognize and relate to. A major life lesson was created and she supported me lovingly through this lesson. For me, sharing this significant life event – helps support the theory angels are always with us and amongst us. For several years, I believe this life-event slowly unfolded, with the angels overseeing my progress every step of the way. This is not an isolated incident within my life. It represents one of many life-events in which angelic intervention has occurred, and has given me that ‘a-ha’ moment I’ve needed to move forward on my life’s journey.

    I have never doubted Archangel Michael the beloved and powerful protector ministered to my care during this life-changing event. I trusted his judgment in my life purpose and have accepted his advisement for the best steps for me to take next.

    For those who ask, do I believe in angels? or have I ever seen an angel? I can only reply – this is my story, and this is my truth. I became an Angel Intuitive to increase my personal understanding of the angelic realm not to ‘convert’ the non-believers. I practice Reiki and Meditation on a daily basis to ensure I am open and receptive to the energies around me. I work professionally as a health practitioner (nurse) – which allows me to incorporate all my healing practices in a primary care health setting. Some clients have told me (just prior to death) I am the only angel they have ever seen. In those moments, I understand what it is to feel truly blessed.

    • hayhouseoz says:

      Wendy, what an amazing experience. Thanks for showing us how angelic intervention can occur in our lives, especially in times when we are burdened with pain and suffering. I’m glad AI increased your personal understanding of the angelic realm, I hope people can experience this too. Thanks again for sharing. I’d love to send you a Doreen gift for being the best contribution to my blog. Love and Light, Christine x

  7. Geire Kami says:

    Antipodeans are so lucky! We’re surrounded by so much water…and with that come all the swirling energy in the earth and the sky. We live in a place where man has lived a spiritual life for millions of years. (Did you know a primitive hominid-like skull was discovered in Bega, New South Wales in 2005, that has been dated 17 million years old?) There are places in the world with “vortexes” of engery, but many people feel that Australia itself is one very big vortex.

    Still, sometimes spirit does seem quite far from us. Cop a dose of bad news of a morning…a general bent for cynicism floating around in the air…and enthusiasm gets knocked on the head pretty fast around here at times! One might rightly ask, “How can I feel closer to Angels?”

    I think you can make a nice start by discovering some other heavenly bodies in the skies. Take some time to gaze at the stars, honour Aboriginal Astronomy…and find the Emu in the Milkyway.

    The Emu looks as if he’s lying on his stomach – is long, fluffy and elegant. Unlike the usual star maps – the Emu isn’t made from doing dot-to-dot with the constellations. He is glowy, and full bodied, and he doesn’t take much imagination to discover. His head is the dark patch under the Southern Coss (known as the Coal Sack), and his neck is lying off in the direction of the pointers – Alpha Centauri and Beta Centauri. His feathery body lies futher on. The Emu in the Milkyway has been found depicted in ancient Aboriginal engravings, and beyond being a guide for diasporic movement – he was also considered a spiritual guide, an entity…an angel.

    Time spent appreciating some of the other natural wonders in the southern sky can bring about in us a shift enough that other magic starts to happen. We only need to create a little gap in our thinking for Angels to slip through to us.

    And if that doesn’t work – there’s always Doreen Virtue. 🙂

    • hayhouseoz says:

      Wow, Giere – fascinating things there about the The Emu in the sky! Totally renewed my sense of living in a place where man has lived a spiritual life for millions of years. I think I’m going to watch the stars and talk to my angels tonight. Thanks for your contribution. Christine x

  8. Sheryn says:

    Hey Christine, thanks so much… the Crystal Girls will adore the cards!! I currently facilitate Crystal Girls club for 11-13 year old girls to help them explore their intuition, develop self-confidence, connect with their angels and spirit guides, and general “growing up” issues. I mentor young adult Children of the New Earth (Crystals/Indigos) one on one to help them sift through their issues, identify their gifts and focus on their Divine and unique Life’s Purposes. Have a magical day! x0x

  9. julie kruger says:

    everyone on this blog has written so elequently and so beautifully expressed their views. please forgive my clumsiness …..
    i truly believe that we have angels among us, – on many different levels
    i believe that we are all born with an essence in us from the angelic realm, a God ‘spark’ if you will.
    it is when we connect with this ‘spark’ or essence of ourselves that we see our physical universe opening up into a more spiritual universe. we can then connect with others on a deeper level and have more connections with other ‘sparks’ on a physical level which enhances us to then fan our ‘spark’ and we become stronger spiritually and in some ways ‘angels’ to others.
    with this connection to our own angel side we then allow ourselves to be open to ‘others’ or angels on different dimensions, who are there in abundance! they help us to see not only our potential, but that of others whose ‘spark’ may not be shining brightly presently, they help us see how we are all connected, even though we are on different levels and in different dimensions.
    angels help us with the bits that we may have forgotten through our birthplace on this earth and help guide us to remember our true essences, they are always amongst us, its just that it gets hard to recognise them or remember them when we are dealing with the demanding physical side of life.
    i believe that because of fear, dogma and greed throughout history – God has had a raw deal – even i have trouble calling the essence of the universe God because of the stigma attached to this name. Too much, (and mostly very bad) in history has happened in the name of God, and through the collective consciousness i believe we have baggage with this title, therefore i think to connect with i higher knowledge we have turned to the angels.
    i think that angels are non threatening to most of us as they don’t have the baggage that goes with the history of their title and we have no objections to having them in our lives as they have no ulterior motive but to support and love us. no wars have been fought or lives been lost for an angel. (well not to my knowledge anyway!)
    australia is a most blessed country which has its history steeped in spirituality and has been unoccupied by europeans for a relatively short time. i feel that this country still has the magic in it to teach us what we need to learn. what we need to hear. we can’t help but feel its presence and the spirituality it brings with it. If you really listen you can hear the sacred vows we all have between ourselves and with nature and the land. with the essnces. australia is a very special place and it hasn’ been diluted enough for us not to listen to it and i hope and pray that the angel sparks in every one of us makes sure it never does become too diluted. x

  10. I agree with some of the first responses. We dont have a majority religion here so people are more inclined to see what else there is. As we do have all kinds of religions or belief systems it is easier to access education and information on various topics therefore angel education has the opportunity to flourish.
    I also believe that people tend to believe in Angels as their idea may initially come from the belief that our loved ones who have passed are angels therefore people are more open to further information and other concepts of what angels are.
    As a child I had this belief system – unsure where its origins were from (certainly not an explicit idea within the household.) I then saw doreen on national television in 2004 and immediately purchased her archangel cards. Having been drawn to tarot cards in the past these didnt feel like a new concept to me. using them initially for questions then whenever I had the urge, helped me to deepen my connection. Then seeing Doreen at the A.I. course and further forums that immersed me in angels. I know that they are with me everyday. At times I lose communication but I understand that the ideas we have arent necessarily always what is going to happen. interestingly though I always trust that the right thing is happening at the right time even though it may not always appear that way. Just this year I have had total reinforcement of this.
    Thank you for sharing your personal experience Wendy H.

  11. Theresa Chapman says:

    Hinduism recognises Shri Ganesha as the lord of the Ganas (angels) & it is said that Shri Ganesha is the deity of Australia & Shri Ganesha has been said to come in the form of Archangel Gabriel….perhaps this is why Australian’s are more receptive to angels 🙂

  12. Kelly says:

    I’m not a believer, in fact I’d declare myself an atheist, yet I find the idea of angels so very appealing. Why should they not be real? How could such a perfect idea not exist? I’m quite certain there are angels in my life and I have no doubt they follow and watch over my two beautiful boys. To all the angels, both the spiritual and the living ones, big love, K x

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