Wish List Wonders – Doreen Virtue

I’ve written down my desires and goals for many years, always with amazing results. I once believed that goal setting was just a tool for career and financial success. Goal-setting helped me become published at age 30, a bestselling author appearing on national television at age 31, and the owner of a great house, car, and furnishings. Nevertheless, while I was enjoying career and financial success, other areas of my life were suffering.

Half out of desperation and half out of curiosity, I decided to apply goal-setting to my love, family, health and spiritual lives.  I was shocked, but it worked! For example, I wanted to be in a relationship. Unfortunately, the men I was meeting and dating had very different values and lifestyles that I was looking for in a life partner.

So, I halfheartedly tried to spiritually manifest a love relationship. And, oh boy, did I get a lukewarm result with the man that I manifested! My halfhearted attempt consisted of deciding, “I want to meet a romantic man who will give me red roses.” I didn’t include any other details of what I wanted. Big mistake. It’s like ordering a sandwich and telling the waiter to put whatever he wants between the two slices of bread. When ordering anything – especially the important stuff, such as a love partner – we need to be very specific. I vowed that my next manifestation would have all the essential details.

A couple of days after I made my specific list of what I wanted in a partner, I received strong gut feelings to go to certain places and call certain people out of my ordinary routine. These events led me to meeting Michael. Within an hour, I knew this man was the person I’d described on my goal-setting sheet.

“When ordering anything – especially the important stuff, such as a love partner – we need to be very specific.”

Healthy goal setting involves all aspects of your life, including leisure time, family time, love life, health/fitness/weight, spirituality, and career/finances. Here’s a few questions for a few life areas to ask yourself and you’ll be on your way to setting healthy goals that will enrich and enhance your life:

–       My free time and personal life:

What activities would I like to be doing more often?

How would I like to spend my free time?

Do I want to take more vacations?

Do I want more time to mediate, relax, or sleep?

What is important to me?

–       My career:

What dream career do I hope to have?

What activities do I see myself doing in my career?

Is there a class I can take or a book I can read today?

How would I feel about taking one small stop toward the fulfillment of this career?

–       My love life:

What type of relationship do I want?

Is it more like a friendship or like a passionate affair?

What qualities and characteristics are important to me in a partner?

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