10 Keys to Manifesting – James Twyman

HOW MANY TIMES have we talked about all the things we believe or want, but deep down we were unwilling to integrate the qualities that would attract them? Words mean very little if our lives don’t reflect what we say. St. Francis of Assisi once said: “Preach the Gospel always, and if necessary, use words.” That is, the words we use are secondary to the way we live our lives.

Have you ever met people who said all the right things, but when you were with them, something didn’t feel right? It’s as is there’s a radar detector within us that feels what our mind alone can’t sense. On the other hand, have you ever been with those who said very little, but you find yourself inexplicably happy when you’re in their presence? These are the ones who have perfected the art of being, the essential ingredient to attracting everything you could ever desire.

The following ten keys are guidelines. Read them and find ways to integrate them into your own life. You’ll notice that each one starts with the word be—for example, Be clear. That’s because they’re focused less on what you need to do and more on what you need to be.

  1. Be Clear. Clarity is one of the most important keys to manifesting what you want. If your thoughts aren’t clear, then the Universe—that is, God—doesn’t know how or what to give you. If there’s something you’ve already determined for yourself, write a list of every detail you can think of, every attribute and characteristic that defines the goal. Look at this list often and add to it. Focus on the details as clearly as you can and imagine them in your mind.
  2. Be Open. Being clear and open may initially seem like opposing concepts. In the first case, you were asked to clearly define exactly what you’re determined to manifest. Now you’re being asked to be open to anything the Universe may send in your direction that either amplifies or clarifies the desired goal. In reality, they are supportive. Once you’ve clearly defined the desired experience, you then open yourself to every possible variation. It’s as if you declare to the Universe: “This or more.”
  3. Be Willing. Your willingness to observe, absorb, and then release everything that comes into your consciousness will help determine how easily it flows into your life. Begin by observing what you desire and asking the following questions: Is it something that will serve more than your own self-interests? Does it genuinely inspire your heart? Are you able to release or surrender the goal, then trust that it will flow to you naturally and easily?
  4. Be Happy. God’s will for you is perfect joy. This means there’s a degree of happiness that neither the world nor the ego can understand but your heart is constantly striving to achieve. This is what you truly desire, for it’s the joy that bridges Heaven and Earth. The more you realize that you deserve perfect joy and accept it, the more you become the kind of teacher the world needs most.
  5. Be Focused. Stay focused on what’s behind the goal rather than on the goal itself. Ask yourself, Why am I seeking this gift in the first place? We usually think of focus as something that’s fixed and straight. I suggest thinking of it as fluid and flowing. Your mind doesn’t always know what’s best for you and a strict, unyielding mind-set might attract something that doesn’t serve your highest good, so opening to a flowing focus makes sense.
  6. Be Expectant. Always expect the best! Affirm that everything you desire will come to you easily and naturally. Energy flows where attention goes. If you’re focused on creating something but your inner thoughts are fixed on failure, that’s what you’ll attract. We’ve all heard the saying “Expect a miracle.” This is very good advice, because what you truly expect will always be yours.
  7. Be Energetic. The higher the impulse, the more energetic the response. In other words, your energy usually increases when you ask for what your soul really wants. Asking for an around-the-world cruise would create more positive energy than asking for a car. Let your passion be your guide, and the energy required will follow. Follow your heart, not your mind. Your heart is always a better barometer of what Heaven is choosing to add to your life.
  8. Be Positive. If you’re negative about what you’re trying to attract, the Universe will interpret your negativity as not wanting. Negative energy can sometimes hide in your consciousness and evade the obvious movements of your rational mind. That’s because the blocks to your positivity are often non-rational. Sometimes these negative beliefs just need you to acknowledge them, and then they can move on their way.
  9. Be True. Being true is the same as being honest—something that’s required if you want to successfully manifest your heart’s desire. You have to be honest with yourself. The question to ask is: How do I succeed in attracting what my soul wants? The answer is always do the work that’s required to sweep away the limiting beliefs that have been blocking you.
  10. Be Grateful. Gratitude is perhaps the most important key to attracting everything you deserve. It’s the activating force that God can’t deny, and the Universe bows to a heart filled with Divine appreciation. When someone is grateful for a gift you’ve offered or a small act of kindness you’ve shown, it makes you want to give even more. The Universe works in a similar way, so be grateful for every gift from God, no matter how small.

Source: healyourlife.com

James Twyman is the author of The Moses Code , The Kabbalah Code and The Proof, all available at leading retailers.

2 Responses to “10 Keys to Manifesting – James Twyman”
  1. This is a great blog. In my experience, I have found that it is so important to stop and listen to what our heart is asking for. I have tried to manifest many superficial things and it doesn’t seem to come however there have been other things that i have only ever thought once and it has come immediately. The difference between the two thoughts is the level of vibration. One, the superficial one, is of a very low vibration because it was not from a place that is connect to me at a soul level. The other is one that is not even a thought really, but a knowing, a true desire from a soul level place. It is amazing just how quickly things and people come into your life when the desire comes from a place of truth.

    As a result of listening to my authentic self (which is just a case of being quiet/meditation/or doing something you love), I have been able to find the key to finding what I really want to manifest as opposed to what just seems nice to have. I think everybodies ‘key’ is different but this one worked for me.

    Thanks for the blog James, I love this topic so I thought I would keep the conversation going ;-D

    • hayhouseoz says:

      Thanks Wendy for sharing! We only attract who we are, not what we want and it’s most definitely true that the superficial things are on a very low vibration versus the soul level. We love to hear from inspiring people like you! The Hay House team x

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