Creating Your Own Good Health – Louise L. Hay

Nutrition plays an extremely important role in our health and wellbeing. In many ways, we are what we eat. My basic philosophy on food is; If it grows, eat it; if it does not grow, don’t eat it. Fruits, vegetables, nuts and grains grow. Twinkies and coca-cola do not grow.

I believe that fast-food outlets are destroying our health. Are you aware that the five best-selling items in supermarkets are Coca Cola, Pepsi Cola, Campbell’s Soup, processed cheese, and beer? These items have no food value, are filled with sugar and salt, and contribute to the epidemic of dis-ease we see today? Learn about nutrition. It is imperative for your health. Processed foods cannot build health no matter how beautiful the picture the manufacturer has put on the package.

Women are going to live a long time, so we have much work to do to make this planet a better place for all other women. We must be strong, flexible, and healthy in order to accomplish this. When you see older women who are frail, ill and incapacitated, you are often looking at a lifetime of inadequate nutrition, lack of exercise, and an accumulation of negative thoughts and beliefs. It does not have to be that way. We women need to learn how to take care of our magnificent bodies so that we sail into our older years in perfect physical shape.

“My basic philosophy on food is; If it grows, eat it; if it does not grow, don’t eat it.”

The cells in your body are living and, as such, need living food to grow and reproduce. Fresh foods are essential to our diets. Life has already provided us with everything we need to feed ourselves and to remain healthy. The simpler we can eat, the healthier we will be. We need to pay attention to what we put in our bodies!

As much as possible, eat organic fruits and vegetables. Eating lots of red meat and diary products is not good for women’s bodies. Merely eliminating these foods from your diet can often clear up PMS problems. Caffeine and sugar are the two other culprits that contribute to most of the problems that women have with their health.  Learn to eat in a healthy manner. Your body will thank you by giving you renewed energy. Take your power back. Learn about your body. When you eat for your health, you will never have to diet.

2 Responses to “Creating Your Own Good Health – Louise L. Hay”
  1. Hilary says:

    Thanks for a great post. Yes, it really is about taking responsibility, as we can all create our own health.

    I love Hippocrates quote ‘Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food’. It isn’t that hard to eat well – what better convenience food than an apple, or a handful of nuts?

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