Communicating With Your Inner Guide – Doreen Virtue

We all have inner guides who can help us in any matter that is before us. These guides are like traffic controllers; they have a bird’s eye view of what’s in front, behind, and to each side of us. You have already experienced examples of their help if you’ve ever had a “voice” whisper advice to you, or had a force intervene in a near-accident. Our guides would like to help us even more often in our everyday activities, as well as our long-range plans. We just have to be open to their help.

So many clients and readers have asked me for guidance on ways to hear the answers within. Many spiritual and self-help books advise “becoming still and hearing the still, small voice deep within oneself.” Yet, my clients express frustration because they say that they can’t hear anything. They feel like they’re doing something wrong or wonder if their “communication line” is disconnected (or was never installed in the first place). Some of my clients, who suffer from the shame connected to child abuse, wonder whether they missed out on being “issued” an inner guide or whether they didn’t deserve one.

You, like everyone else, have lovingly been assigned a guide. No accidents or mistakes are possible in our orderly universe, and you do have one or more loving guides with you constantly. Guaranteed!

When I give my clients information you’re about to read, they are able to readily access their spiritual wisdom. Often, they are surprised to discover that the voice of the inner guide sounds similar to their own. Some people never hear a voice, however, because their lines of spirit communication aren’t auditory.

We have four means of communication: visual (eyes), auditory (ears), kinesthetic (touch, smell, taste) and intuitive (hunches, gut feelings, or knowingness). Most people have one means of communication that they are strongest in.

When you receive communication from your inner guide (which you always will), it may not come as a voice or sound. So don’t feel frustrated or like you’re “flunking meditation” if you can’t hear a still, small voice within. You must be more visual, kinesthetic, or intuitive instead of auditory. Sometimes, Spirit will give you a meaningful symbol, like showing you a mental image of a trophy to signal a coming victory, or the scent of a friend’s cologne to signal you about that person’s impending visit.

Here are the steps we use for direct spirit links:

1. Practice daily meditation

Practicing meditation, chakra cleansing and balancing, as well as a healthful diet, avoiding negativity, and consistent exercise keep the “communication lines” open that connect you with Spirit.

2. Go within

Ask to speak with your inner guide.

3. Have a question

Hold a question in mind and then be ready for an answer – either through your sight, sound, intuition or senses. You will be answered, that is for certain. What’s not certain is whether you will trust the response. Many people, in the beginning, tend to discount spirit communication and they’ve just imagined it.

4. Ask for clarification

If you don’t understand or quite hear your inner guide’s answers, ask for clarification. Don’t worry, your guide isn’t going to be offended or run away! Just say to your inner guide, ‘A little louder, please,” or “Could you show me that picture again, and let me know its meaning?” Of course, always say “Thank you” after you’ve received a communication.

As with anything, the more you practice, the easier it becomes to communicate with your inner guides. With patience and trust, you’ll receive a lot of wonderful and important information.

Doreen Virtue will be holding her Angel Intuitive workshop in November 2010. Learn how to connect with your inner guide and work with the angelic realm. For tickets and more information CLICK HERE.

2 Responses to “Communicating With Your Inner Guide – Doreen Virtue”
  1. Thanks for this Doreen. The idea of being open to the universe and all its wisdom is such a powerful concept! I will keep asking for what I want and sending out the love!

  2. Lindsay says:

    Seems pretty easy & straight forward, doesn’t it? One has to wonder why people make it so hard!


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