What Is An Angel Intuitive? – Doreen Virtue

Your angels are always ready to assist you whenever you need a hand, perhaps in finding your soulmate, knowing what to do about your career and finances, or assisting you with other important life issues. Angel Intuitives (AIs) are powerful psychics and healers who work primarily with the angelic realm with the intention of helping themselves and others on their spiritual path or for guidance in any area of their life. Each AI has undertaken this internationally recognised Angel Intuitive course. If an AI is certified by Doreen Virtue he or she is qualified to give accurate, healing and professional angel readings.

Many AIs have experienced miracles that have transformed their lives and helped them pursue their passions and life purpose. Almost 5000 AIs have been certified in Australia since 2002 and many now work both in Australia and internationally as clairvoyants, psychics, angel readers and workshop facilitators.

Becoming an Angel Intuitive (AI) is a wonderful, safe and healing journey for anyone wishing to explore a powerful path of spiritual enlightenment.

This course, held in November this year, unlocks your abilities to see, hear, and speak with the angels. Over the course of three magical days, you will learn how to connect with your angels and awaken your intuitive gifts.

The course covers topics such as:

  • mediumship
  • guided meditations
  • spiritual healings
  • how to give professional angel card readings for yourself and others to heal past life traumas and discover your psychic and intuitive strengths

The impact of taking the Angel Intuitive course has been profound for former AI graduates. Many have reported healings in all aspects of their lives including relationships, career, health and abundance. Throughout the course, Doreen will teach from her popular series of 14 card decks and for the first time ever, Doreen will show you how to give powerful healing readings using her brand new Archangel Raphael Healing Oracle cards.

As a 2010 AI Graduate, you will have the opportunity to move your life to a higher place. Your energy will shift and this will result in a natural ability to attract more love, money, opportunities and support.

About Archangel Raphael & Archangel Raphael Healing Oracle Cards:

Archangel Raphael has long been regarded as the healing angel. He provides loving, miraculous power to those who call upon him and helps you embark upon a journey of wellness, guiding you away from physical, emotional or spiritual stresses.

The 44 cards in this deck offer messages of health and healing with each oracle card featuring a gorgeous painting of Archangel Raphael.  An accompanying guidebook gives you step-by-step instructions on how to conduct accurate, safe readings about your own health and that of your loved ones and clients.

“Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced psychic, you’ll find this course to be safe, fun, gentle and inspirational. If you know it’s time to awaken your spiritual gifts and abilities, then working professionally with oracle cards and experiencing these deep healing methods will help you enjoy your life in new and exciting ways.”
Doreen Virtue

For more information and tickets on Angel Intuitive 2010 CLICK HERE.

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