Was Your Doctor Sent By An Angel? – Doreen Virtue

RAPHAEL’S FOCUS is upon people’s health. He’s a tireless healer, with an unlimited bag of healing techniques. The archangel also supports those who are healers, or those who want to become professional healers. Raphael functions as both a healer’s and a patient’s advocate by matching up sick people with the best health-care providers.

As if it’s not stressful enough to get sick, you also have the daunting task of selecting and paying for the best physician. When you’re stressed about an illness, it’s difficult to think clearly in picking a doctor. Fortunately, Archangel Raphael can lead you to the appropriate treatment, if you’ll ask for his help, as Denise did.

Denise’s husband was diagnosed with a serious precancerous condition of the esophagus. Doctors said the only course of action was for him to undergo surgery to remove most of his esophagus. This was a dangerous procedure, and it needed to be performed by a surgeon who did this type of operation routinely.

Their doctor recommended nearby Boston for the surgery, at one of the many outstanding medical facilities there. But, he gave no specific recommendations, and Denise and her husband were on their own, frightened and unsure about which hospital or surgeon to choose. They only had their doctor’s instructions to “find someone as familiar with this surgery as he is with brushing his own teeth.”

So Denise asked God and Archangel Raphael for help and guidance as she began researching on the Internet to look for Boston hospitals and doctors specializing in this procedure. Imagine her confusion when several doctors at different hospitals showed up in her online search. She had no idea which way to turn as she scrolled through the names. So she continued asking the archangel for guidance.

Suddenly, one of the doctors listed stuck out because his first name was Raphael. As soon as Denise saw this, she knew that he was the answer to her prayers. She clicked on the link for him and discovered which hospital he worked at in Boston, and all of his information. There was even an e-mail address to contact him directly with questions! She hesitantly wrote him a message explaining the situation. The doctor wrote back within a few hours and wanted all her husband’s information, and he set up an appointment to see him almost immediately.

They went to see the doctor, and discovered he was a pioneer in this surgery and one of the best in the country to perform it. People came to him from all over for this surgery. His services were also covered by their medical insurance, which was a miracle in itself.

But the story doesn’t end there. As the day of surgery approached, their apprehension grew, and fear set in. After all, this was a risky operation. Their fears were high the day before surgery when Denise and her husband got in the car and headed to Boston. They hadn’t been driving very long when Denise’s fear reached the point of complete panic, and she was nearly immobilized.

She called out for Archangel Raphael’s help in her mind and heart, and asked him for a sign that the surgery would go well. No sooner had she done so than a car pulled out from a side road in front of them. To Denise’s utter disbelief and sheer joy, the license plate on the car was a vanity plate that said: “RAPHAEL.”

Denise knew in that exact moment that no matter what came next, they’d be okay. She was certain that Archangel Raphael was with them and that they’d picked the right doctor. Denise was immediately filled with an overwhelming sense of calm and peace, and tears of gratitude rolled down her face.

Seven years later, her husband is doing amazingly well and is still having annual visits with the remarkable doctor Archangel Raphael sent them to.

Denise noticed and trusted the signs from above, which led her to Raphael’s hand-selected physician. This requires faith, admittedly, because someone could decide that such signs were coincidental. The angels can only do so much when conveying guidance to us. We can meet them halfway there by keeping an open mind and following the clues they give us.

This article originally appears in healyourlife.com Doreen Virtue is a spiritual doctor of psychology and a fourth-generation metaphysician who works with the angelic, elemental, and ascended-master realms in her writings and workshops. She will be holding her Angel Intuitive course November 2010. CLICK HERE for more details.

The Archangel Raphael book and oracle card deck is available now at all leading retailers or online at hayhouse.com.au

8 Responses to “Was Your Doctor Sent By An Angel? – Doreen Virtue”
  1. Cathy Dowds says:

    I was with my 75 year old father yesterday as he was being measured up for a lead mask. He is about to undergo further radiation and chemotherapy treatment. During the course of the appointment no less than six medical staff came into the room and introduced themselves to him, they each surrounded him. As an observer in the background I was filled with awe and amazement as the healing angels gathered and mingled with the group.

    Dad has gone through life threatening surgery this past year, at one point he was given little hope of pulling through, with the love of his family, prayers to the angels and the guided hands of the medical staff he is still with us. I know that Archangel Raphael has been beside him and us as we have gone through our own grieving and anguish. Each and everytime we attend appointments, wait for operations and procedures we have been enclosed in his healing wings. I send blessings of love and hope to all that have been touched by this very special angel.

    Cath xxxx

    • hayhouseoz says:

      Hi Cathy,

      Thank you for sharing your inspiring story! Hope everyone can experience Archangel Raphael’s miraculous healing power in times of need. We will send you a bag of angel cards for your winning contribution. Please share them and let people know how powerful the angels are when we call upon them!

  2. Ele says:

    I woke up this morning with a big blood spot on my nose and could not figure out how it got there as I had no scratches or sores before going to bed, I picked off the blood scab and it would not stop bleeding, it seemed to have a tiny hole there, so whilst driving my son to and from school I kept dabbing it with cotton and it would continue to bleed and bleed and bleed, until finally I asked Archangel Raphael to please stop the bleeding and heal my wound and within seconds it stopped and my tiny whole seemed to have disappeared, it turned almost invisible.
    I thanked him and continued my day.
    To me it matters not how big or small the miracle, it is still a miracle!

    Thank you Archangel Raphael


  3. I had an absolute miracle healing with my pet Tibetan Spaniel – via Archangel Raphael.

    A couple of years ago I was in the shower, when I heard my daughter (10yo) yell out “Shikaylah (our pet dog) is out the gate”.. I heard here running up the hallway in our home and out the front door to get our dog, who was now on the side of a busy road.
    Next I heard screeching tires and my daughter screeming a blood curdling screem! Then I heard her wailing! …. I imediately saw through my “vision” the sceen playing out, my dog laying on the road lifeless and broken, and her standing frozen unable to move in horror.
    Instinctively I demanded “Archangel Raphael – this cannot happen – heal my dog”
    You see our little puppy had bought such love and healing into our home, she had bonded our little family together with such love, and truly healed the hearts of my children, to loose her was unthinkable.

    While I left Raphael to it, I was madly scrambling out of the shower and trying to put some clothes on to get out there…. I am a healer and I had also started running some distant healing as I dressed… I am a mother and I just wanted to get out there to both my babies!!!

    As I got out to the road I saw that my daughter was still standing waling in shock…. hyperventalating. The driver of the car had stopped and picked up our puppy who clearly had a broken back and brain injury – she was no match for a car driving at 100kph. The driver had placed the dog into my sons hands, he had arrived on the scene some minutes after and his calm presence was now craddling the dead looking dog.

    I tried to calm my daughter, thanked the driver and started moving the children to the car, so we could go to the vet. The dog had started to move a little, blood coming out her mouth. I was praying to Raphael and running energy, explaining to the kids to stay calm, positive and send her love and light.

    You know we were only a few minutes up the road and our dog came fully conscious. NOt only this she shook herself and started moving around the car! Her back was healed, her head injuries were non-existent even though the blood on her face and in her ears were evidence to the injury that had existed.

    The vet could not beleive that she was so well when we recalled the story to him. He said she must have severe internal injuries and he would like to keep her in overnight for observations….

    My children in unison said “No she has to come home with us – mum has angels in her room!!”…. and there you have it our little healer dog had offered up another healing to my family…..

    You see, my children had been angry at me for leaving the corporate world to become a healer. They had been told by their grandparents that what I was doing was crazy and wrong… but from this day forth they knew the power of my work and that miracles and angels really do exist!!!

    Thankyou Raphael and little Shikaylah our Tibetan Spaniel for this miracle and healing.

    My heart to Yours, My soul to Yours
    Kyrona Unity Hope
    Creator and Principal of New Frequency Child

  4. Cathy Dowds says:

    Blessings of thanks to you at Hay House for my beautiful gift of Doreen’s Angel Cards. They arrived on a day where all was high pressure and crazy. When I opened my package everything fell back into place.

    This gift will continue to help others as I lovingly share them with those I meet. Cath xxxx

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