Husband and Wife to Psychic Duo – K & Dr. Michael

K and Dr. Michael  are well-known in Queensland as clairvoyants, spiritual teachers and meditation teachers. Before they became known as the psychic duo “Connect with Spirit” however, they met at a Hay House event back in 2006. Today, they can be spotted at almost all Hay House events behind the product table and have more than just brushed shoulders with the most famous authors in the area of mind, body and spirit.

How it All Began

Since 2003, K was busy making a name for herself giving spiritual and psychic development workshops, clairvoyant readings and doing this type of profound healing work with Spirit before Dr. Michael arrived in Australia. And, it was their joining of talents to form Connect with Spirit in 2007 that made Brisbane sit up and take notice. At this time, K spends more of her time with her accurate clairvoyant readings, while Dr. Michael’s work involves mostly medical-intutive healing sessions. And, if you haven’t had one of K’s readings, you do not know what you are in for … she frequently channels the deceased during her readings; unlike many clairvoyants, K lets the non-physical beings speak through her during the hour-long sessions.

Because of K’s strong connection with Spirit, K knew about Dr. Michael from Spirit for four years prior to physically meeting him. K knew what Dr. Michael looked like, sounded like, that he was an American, and even what his name was! And, it was Spirit who told K to go to Sydney in 2006 to the Hay House Australia event, Doreen Virtue’s Advanced Angel Intuitive course to meet Dr. Michael. Now, it would be fantasy to think that all single individuals who meet at Hay House events will ultimately end up as husband and wife. But, for Dr. Michael and K, Spirit found a way to quickly bring these two clairvoyant individuals together to go on to do wonderful things for Spirit.

The Hay House Experience

Dr. Michael has had the unique privilege of performing spiritual healing work on clairvoyant and medium,  Lisa Williams, and the father of Inspiration, Dr. Wayne W. Dyer. Dr. Michael’s  work as a medical-intuitive involves thoroughly and accurately “diagnosing” during separate sessions of a private medical-intuitive body-scanning, followed by a didgeridoo-based, vibrational healing and Reiki session. Dr. Michael has been a Reiki Master since 2005 and has been following a Spirit-led, shamanic approach to his Reiki healings since 2007. His sessions involve asking for specific healing guidance from the Masters, angels and spirit guides during these often profound and unique sessions.

Both Lisa Williams and Wayne Dyer have mentioned from the stage Dr. Michael’s profound and accurate work at their respective events; Lisa Williams’ June 2010 Mediumship event and Dr. Dyer’s talk during the August 2010 Perth and Sydney I Can Do It events.

Connect with K & Dr. Micahel

The Connect with Spirit Meditation Method CD, Discover Your True Journey, sold out at the recent Sydney I Can Do It, but is available for download on iTunes <>  and physical copies can be ordered from their website <> . Their workshops, meditations, and private sessions are in high demand. You can find Dr. Michael and K on the web at <> , <> . Dr. Michael and K have a Vietnam Spiritual Retreat <>  scheduled for March 2011 for a small group of individuals who are ready to have a personal experience with two profound clairvoyants, healers and teachers in the quiet town of Hoi An, Vietnam.

Connect with Spirit is on Facebook on <> . K can be found on Facebook at Clairvoyant K Messenger for Spirit, and Dr. Michael can be found on Facebook at DrMichael Taylor They are on Twitter too at

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