I Can Do It :: Wayne Dyer Sydney 21 Aug 2010

We will be sharing today’s wisdom here all weekend!

Dr Wayne Dyer will be on the stage in 10 mins!!

Our Wonderful CEO just gave introduced the weekend.

Wow Marcia Hines just introduced Dr Wayne Dyer!! She’s divine!!!

Dr Wayne Dyer takes the stage!!

Recalling the glorious Mother Theresa and her impact on the world.  Wayne was about to go onstage in Perth when Leon Nacson told him that the beautiful Mother Theresa had passed away….he reflected this was significant as this was the day the world was focused on the funeral of Princess Diana.

Wayne commented that this was just like her! A humble woman with many gifts…

Giver of act of kindness increased their ceratonine levels AS WELL AS the recipient!! That is pretty incredible – but there is more…the OBSERVER of the act of kindeness also has increased levels of ceratonine!!!

WOW –  that means one act can impact us all!!

Wayne is recalling meeting Mother Theresa, the minute she entered the room the energy in the room changed IMMEDIATELY.  She has achieved an incredible level of heightened awareness…and this impacted EVERYONE!

When Wayne was preparing to come onstage today, he remembered this as he does always, “If you know the path of the person who walked before you, you will never feel alone or know fear again”… isn’t that powerful??

This is Wayne’s 14th trip to Australia, his 1st was 33 years ago, the day that Elvis died….

The Beatles’ song ‘Let It Be’ is a wonderful lesson…We need to surrender to life and realise jsut as it was when we were in the womb we were looked after…and we Let It Be…

They also wrote another song….”When I’m 64” ….as a young man, Wayne didn’t get it….now he does!!

I am so sorry I can’t type faster folks….i can’t share all the humour and warmth in the room ….. 🙂

Sharing the experience of making the movie of The Shift at the age of 68….much admiration for the wonderful founder of Hay House, Louise L Hay, who started HH @ the age of 61…so those who say ‘I’m too old to do that’ this is just an excuse…more on that later…..

The Shift is about the change of consciousness that is necessary for us to survive….

Wayne is speaking about ‘The Gift of Fire’ by Dan Caro, an inspiring man who was badly burned and lost his limbs as a 2 year old….who teaches us that there is nothing that we can’t do…

Wayne wants 10 million people to watch the movie…so that we can reach critical mass then all electrons move to the same place, they align…and change can happen…

Concept of  ‘100th monkey’….

Wayne speaking on the notion of being called ‘Father of Motivation’ but much prefers Marcia’s intro that he is the  ‘Father of Inspiration’ …motivation is based on notion of ego….Inspiration is the opposite – when an idea gets a hold of you and takes you to where you were intended to go…and you don’t resist it and go with it..realise that everything that happens to you in your life is your Dharma…what you are supposed to do…

His recent diagnosis of Leukemia is not life threatening to him, because nothing can threaten his life…his spirit  is simply here this time in this body…  In this lifetime we have been in many bodies…the body of the baby we were when we were born…then the we had teenage bodies….then adult bodies…so now that those bodies don’t exist, does that make them non existant? no it doesn’t…things change….but the self does not…

The “I” “me” “observer” “the witness” is what is real…

It’s the spirit that gives life, the flesh is nothing…..how wonderful is that folks?

Kerrie-Anne asked Wayne (on her show this week) what he wanted to do “I would like to live a God Realised Life – think like God thinks and think like that myself….”

“A mind stretched to a new idea, never returns to it’s original state” so let’s explore!!… ref book ‘Power of Intention’

Cleanse your mind..

You must be like who you came from….be like God

‘It’s the silence in between the notes that makes music” we need to learn to be still….


4 Responses to “I Can Do It :: Wayne Dyer Sydney 21 Aug 2010”
  1. What an uplifting, spiritual and inspiring experience! Thank you Wayne and Sonia for an unforgettable Saturday. It was the perfect way for my husband and I to spend our Babymoon! 🙂

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