The Art of Intention – Darren Weissman

Intention is a powerful tool we’ve used since childhood. Even if we didn’t know what intention really was back then, think of a time when you wished for something and got it, or when you promised yourself a reward or some sort of change to come about and it worked out. These are all instances of using the power of intention; the unwavering determination or focus on an outcome.

According to Darren Weissman, author of Awakening to the Secret Code of Your Mind, intention is such a powerful tool for achieving the life you want because it uses the conscious part of our minds. Unlike our unconscious state which reacts and responds to situations from habit and learned behaviour, the conscious mind chooses how to operate at a higher level.

Ask yourself, “Would I ever choose to create my life with any level of symptoms, stress, or disease?” The answer is always a discerning “No!” However, if you wouldn’t choose to create your life with symptoms, stress, or disease and you’re continuing to experience them, then where do they come from? You guessed it. What isn’t a conscious action of choice are subconscious reactions of protection and learning.

Here are a few simple techniques to transform the reactive patterns of your body and life into a life of powerful and meaningful action:

1. Set your Intention

Have you ever driven your car; boarded an airplane, bus, or train; or ridden the subway without having a particular destination in mind? With the exception of vacations or the occasional need to “get lost,” the answer is generally no. When you’re going somewhere, it’s important to have a clear intention. To achieve optimal or “perfect” health, for example, you have to choose it. You can only be as healthy as you think it is possible to be. When you set an intention, you’re making a conscious choice, setting up the conditions for your subconscious mind to help manifest the reality your conscious mind is seeking to create. When an intention is sent, it impacts the physiology of the body.

2. See Yourself in Control of Your Destiny

One of life’s perplexing challenges is that you don’t get to choose what happens to you. The beauty, however, is that you do have a choice about how you respond to any and all situations. Your conscious mind allows you to change anything, regardless of circumstances. The symptoms or stress being expressed by your body and life are something that you’d never consciously choose. They stem from the subconscious mind and are reactive in nature. Once you’re able to recognise the significant difference between a conscious choice and a subconscious reaction, it will be a profound realization that will forever change your life.

3. Use “I am”

Imagine as if you already are all that you want to be in life. By using the words “I am” before what it is that you want, for instance, “I am filled with joy and healthy”, you set an intention of where you want to be as if you’re already there; your subconscious mind has no choice – it begins the process of reacting from this place. See yourself living a life with your “I am” intention. How might doing so impact the health of your body or the relationships in your life? How do you feel emotionally envisioning your thoughts, feelings, words, and actions stemming from this intention? Most likely you’re on the way to becoming a more confident, more empowered and happier you.

Awakening to the Secret Code of Your Mind by Darren Weissman is available now at all leading retailers. For more information CLICK HERE.

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  1. […] In the last 10 minutes of yesterday’s show (Miracles by Design with Hal Price) show he gave us a technique to release the past and unwanted events in our life to STOP, Observe what is the body (stressors) is saying to us. Say “Infinite Love and Gratitude” to those certain stressors, symptoms, physical, finance. etc. If you could imagine a day, would you choose to create these stresses in your life? Instead of living by Reaction, CHOOSE to use your attitude and intentions to create a whole new pattern by choosing where you want to be rather than what you want to change. Choose where you’re going. Begin to embrace the symptoms and stressors with “Infinite Love and Gratitude”. Get present- observe where you are, use the hand sign of LOVE to change these symptoms, choose to be the Miracle you are. (Outlined in this link) […]

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