Unwrap Your Present Dreams – Leon Nacson

It would be fabulous and much easier if our dreams came with subtitles like they do in foreign movies – then we would understand the true meaning of the symbols in our dreams. Imagine if we knew what it meant if we saw a present or if we really understood what it was that we were supposed to take notice of. Is it a present, in other words, a gift is that is presented to you, or something for someone else? We could go on for hours.

Some might say that the English language is so complex; we seem to have many meanings for one word. Just stop a minute and count how many different meanings the word ‘patient’ could mean. It can be anything from being relaxed, or the name of an individual that goes to see a doctor. Because we don’t have subtitles in a dream, we all have to do be our own private detectives. We have to be as clever as Sherlock Holmes looking for clues and connecting them.

The best way to decode a dream is personally ask yourself – How did I feel? I know what is said on many occasions and may I indulge your patience again: we almost always wake up from a dream with a feeling not with knowledge. Let’s go to a typical dream where we see a gift or present all wrapped up in beautiful paper with ribbons and those sorts of nice things. Let’s explore what we see in what is literally supposed to be something wrapped up nicely to show someone’s appreciation or acknowledgement of you in a special way. How do you feel when you receive the present? Surprised? Overwhelmed? Cautious? Accepted or wishing that you could someway reject what is placed before you?

This feeling is very important. The first emotion that comes into your head, and that you’re willing to write down as you recount the dream, is the first clue on how this dream should be decoded. The second interesting clue here is who gave you the present and the third is what was their intention. A simple scenario would be that you received a gift from your workmates at a farewell. If you have resigned, then obviously the dream is trying to tell you that perhaps there are colleagues that would prefer they’d found another employer – they wish you well but they also wish you well gone. If you are thinking of resigning, then obviously your dream is telling you that it’s a really good time and it will be a fond farewell. If you receive a gift from your partner and you feel bad, it could be because that the person is paying more attention to your needs and treating you special and it’s a reminder that you are not a present or present in the relationship. If you receive the present and you feel excited, then of course there is more to be unveiled in this relationship.

There’s a lot of wish fulfillment in our dreams when it comes to our partners or individuals that we wish to have a relationship with. If it’s somebody that you really care about and they give you a gift, could it be more wishful thinking than reality? Is it time to let them know how you feel? Or does the gift that you see represent a Pandora’s box? If the gift is from a family member than it’s usually easier to decode because we usually have the luxury of time to understand the intention a family member would have for us at this point in time.

No matter who the gift is from, we must remember the old saying, ‘Beware of Greeks bearing gifts.’  What if the gift had nothing to do with a token of appreciation wrapped in ribbons? What if the gift had something to do with a call to action?

We’re often told there’s no time like the present moment. Perhaps what you are seeing as a gift in your dreams is actually a very strong reminder that you should take action right now on something that you have been debating or procrastinating about for so long. Maybe you have been living in the past continually fantasising how you wish you could have changed things, did things differently, or gone in different directions. Perhaps you are continually living in the future looking forward to tomorrow – your holidays or some event that is coming up that is a long way off. The gifts that you see in your dreams could be a reminder that the present year is a gift. The dream could be indicating to you that it’s time to smell the roses. So enjoy the present moment. The past is history, and the future is a mystery, that’s why they call the present a gift. There is no time like the present to act. There’s no time like the present to be conscious of this present moment. that’s the gift that you will dream is offering you.

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