The Top 10 Most Popular Dreams & Themes – Leon Nacson

At some point we have all experienced the following dreams. Let’s explore what they could mean and how to decode the message that we are supposed to pay attention to.

Adultery/ Infidelity

Quick Decode: Lusty desire; rearranged partnerships; jealousy

If you dream about committing adultery, it could be an outlet for repressed desires. If your partner commits adultery, is it a symbol of your insecurities?

If you dream that you were in an inappropriate situation with someone or someone you really love is not being faithful, don’t feel guilty, it’s only a dream.


Quick Decode: Nature; domesticated; instincts

We imbue animals with human traits. People often say that foxes are cunning, owls are wise and dogs are loyal. When you dream of an animal it is important to find out what it represents to you. Some people are scared of rats yet others keep them as pets. Do you feel afraid or nurtured?

Is the animal free and able to roam unhindered in your dream, or is it caged, in a zoo, or wearing a muzzle or lead? Whatever the circumstances in the dream, they may indicate a current situation.

Body parts

Quick interpretation: Self; ability; extremities

Body parts are related to a state of being. The backbone is associated with courage; the head with thinking; the heart with romance and love; the stomach with emotion; the Achilles’ heal with vulnerability; and so on.

What part of the body did you dream of? What is its relation to your state of mind? Also consider any phrases associated with the body part, such as ‘pain in the neck’ or ‘keep at arm’s length’.

If you have a recurring dream about a particular part of the body not functioning, go and see a physician; it may be your body’s way of alerting you to a problem.


Quick Decode: Fame; desire; public property

Who is the celebrity in your dream, and what does he or she represent to you, i.e. physical prowess, mental skill or sexuality? Is this what you want more of in your life? Do you desire to be like the celebrity in your dream? Do you believe that you have an equal amount of talent, but are yet to be discovered?


Quick Decode: Being followed; mission; avoiding capture

More often than not, the dreamer is running from something they do not wish to face. Are you running from an aspect of yourself, something that you are afraid of becoming, or something that you used to be that you no longer want to be?


Quick Decode: Out of control; begin ungrounded or unsupported; in a slump

Falling in a dream may suggest that you feel unsupported in life. Who is supporting you? Why don’t you feel supported? What can you do to support yourself? What’s the context – work, relationships or a social situation? This will give you a clue to the areas of your life in which you feel unsupported.


Quick Decode: Freedom; inspiration; overview

What are you flying over? This may be what you want to rise above. If you are flying over your home, maybe you feel as though you are being bogged down by household chores. If you are flying over a large city, maybe you want more activity in your life, or perhaps you want to escape the concrete jungle? Do you see a group of acquaintances chatting and wish to rise above idle gossip?

The most common feeling associated with flying is exhilaration, a sense of freedom. You can do whatever you want and are not scared of falling. It speaks of a desire to liberate you from mundane, day-to-day activities.


Quick Decode: Gratification; hunger; celebration

Does the food in your dream reveal an imbalance in your life? It may indicate that you think it’s time to go on a diet, or that you need to put on weight. What type of food do you dream of? This may indicate what your body desires you to eat for good health.

Is the food from a particular region of the world? Ask yourself if you have a desire to travel to the place from which the food originated.


Quick decode: Passion; procreation; union

Obviously anything to do with wish fulfilment, lust, fantasy or a desire to increase the number of family members doesn’t require a dream coach, you can work it out for yourself.  If none of the above applies then you may want to be more intimate with someone. In other words be closer, more friendly and sociable. It’s very important not to feel guilty or disturbed with your choice of partners in your dreams.


Quick Decode: Youth; power; strength

It’s extremely common to dream of teeth falling out. First, make a dental appointment. If your dentist gives the all clear, then perhaps it’s about losing face or being embarrassed.

If you dream that your teeth are loose, it may suggest you are gossiping too much and your words are a bit loose.

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