Perform At Your Peak Every Time! – Sonia Choquette

Every morning before I open my eyes, I lie in bed and make contact with my Higher Self through a silent inner conversation, centered in my heart. I’ve been conversing with my Higher Self through my heart my entire life and have felt her gentle voice ever since I was very young. But only lately, in the past few years, am I beginning to fully understand that just because she’s my Higher Self doesn’t mean she’s far away, in some distant heaven that I can only aspire to reach when I die. I’m becoming increasingly aware that my beloved Higher Self, my essential Divine Spirit, is present at all times; and she is as close as my thoughts, my breath, and my beating heart. She is here, she is present, and she oversees my entire life’s journey.

I now realize that the only way to travel at the speed of love is to maintain constant contact with the Universal Divine control tower and stay connected to my Higher Self throughout my journey in life. Only my heart, the pilot of my journey, can make contact with the Higher Self, and only this control tower can guide me seamlessly through the fog and pollution of my thoughts as well as others’. Only my Higher Self can steer me through the congestion of my emotional ups and downs; and toward a more beautiful, elevated frequency of love.

Making contact with my Higher Self is very different from listening to the vibration of my lower ego mind bouncing around my head. Just as the pilot of an aircraft cannot fly willy-nilly through the sky, going wherever he or she wants to go, so, too, must we not allow the ego mind to pilot our journey anywhere it wants to go without guidance from a higher source either. A pilot flying out of touch with the control tower is not only a danger to himself, but a danger to the world around him as well. A pilot who loses contact with the control tower—or worse, attempts to fly without direction from the tower—is in serious trouble and can head into disaster at any moment. And a person out of touch with his or her Higher Self is also, in many ways, in serious trouble. He is not only thrown off by his own errant thoughts, but can also be manipulated by the crazy and errant thoughts of others, which can cause a crash of a different sort.

Travel Warnings

One way in which the fearful ego tries to lure you off course and disconnect you from the control tower is to harass you about time. It tells you to hurry up and get busy, reminding you that there’s so much to do and not enough time to do it all; or it tells you that no matter what you’re doing, you’re wasting your time, that it is the wrong thing to do, and you’re missing the “right” thing to do.

Another indication that you’ve disconnected from your Higher Self is that your body feels heavy, even achy, as though all the sleep in the world is never enough to feel energized. Like a huge energy leak, fear can be so debilitating that it zaps all your energy and leaves you feeling stuck and unable to get through the day.

Yet another sign that you are disconnected from your Higher Self is finding yourself unable to speak your truth or express your authentic self with others. Rather than listening to your heart and expressing it, you focus on how to impress others instead. You speak to please or manipulate people in such a way that you avoid confrontation or risk receiving disapproval.

It’s important to realize that it’s not the authentic you that feels this way. Rather, it is the vibration of fearful energy moving through you, like poison flooding your system. All you need to do to break free of this draining force is to focus fully on your heart and make a call to your Higher Self to guide you above, around, or if necessary, through, the crowded mental skies in order to rise to a higher vibration.

The Higher Self Is Calm

Your Higher Self connects with you through your heart. When the channels are open, you feel a warm, open, light, calming vibration. This feeling reverberates throughout your body and into every one of your cells, like a Divine GPS broadcast moving your consciousness, directing you above the clouds and to the light. You immediately begin to feel Source energy clearing your system, calming your fears, or guiding you through them.

Fortunately, with awareness, attention, and intention, you can tune in to your Divine control tower for direction. It isn’t difficult. It is just new and different for many people to ask their Higher Self to guide them through their day rather than their intellects. You can shift your attention away from this lower broadcast and begin to follow the heart for instructions on how to lift off into flight. Although the control tower of your Higher Self may feel faint or distant to you right now, that is only because your attention gets stuck, even mesmerized, by the blaring bursts of negativity coming from the lower band.

A similar phenomenon occurs when you walk into a roomful of people who are depressed or angry. The negative energy can nearly sucker punch the life force right out of you, even if you’re not aware of it. That certainly was my experience when going to a dermatologist’s office to get treatment for a mild case of eczema in Chicago last year. Although the office was close by and convenient to get to, the vibration of the people working there was so toxic that it nearly ruined my day almost every time I entered. I preferred the eczema! Now I just don’t go there. I found another dermatologist’s office that is a few miles farther away, but absolutely delightful to enter. The vibe is just so much lighter, happier, and more loving that I don’t mind making the extra effort to get there. My Higher Self directed me to make the detour, while my ego mind would have denied the negative onslaught, telling me it’s nothing, or at least nothing real or important enough to go to the extra effort to avoid.

It’s not always practical to hopscotch around negative energy as a means to protect your flow, however. It’s better to learn to recognize negative energy when you’re in it, listen to your heart, and follow your Higher Self to higher ground instead.

This is an extract from Traveling at the Speed of Love by Sonia Choquette, available August 2010.

Traveling at the Speed of Love is Sonia’s keynote topic at I CAN DO IT! For tickets to see her live CLICK HERE.

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