The Keys to Authentic Spirited Living – Sonia Choquette

Even the most beautiful, talented and intelligent people in this world can find it hard to feel content, fulfilled, and grounded. This is because what makes us truly feel this way doesn’t always come from what is physical, from winning or from recognition. It comes from a higher aspect of ourselves—the spirit within.

According to Sonia Choquette, those among us who genuinely rejoice in life, who enjoy exceptional success, are those who live with their spirit; they are detached from the fear and control of their ego, their defended, insecure personalities, and simply follow their heart.

Spirited people don’t let circumstances or other people dictate their life situation, rather, they live a life connected to what they love to do. They make decisions based on how they feel, not by what other people, or society may expect of them. And above all, they have a deep sense of self, and this reflects in their loving and peaceful way of life.

Perhaps the biggest obstacle to loving yourself and living your spirit, Choquette believes, is holding the false belief that you can only be happy when all your concerns and fears have disappeared. But according to Choquette, life is a continuous learning process with inevitable setbacks and challenges. They are part of the natural ebb and flow of the universe. But, those who are better able to deal well with the obstacles that come their way accept it with grace, instead of allowing the negative or challenging situation get to them.

‘Grace is the spirit within. If we begin to integrate grace into our lives, whatever comes up we can face without facing it alone or facing it with the vibration and frequency of fear. If you invite grace into life’s lessons, fear gives way to blind trust. It’s believing there’s a greater plan than what is going on at the present moment.’

This ability to give way to blind trust is a prominent trait Choquette has observed in those people who are content with their lives. Having counselled thousands of people from virtually every walk of life, with every advantage and disadvantage, she has found that those who find the peace and joy that many others seek don’t rely solely on their thinking mind, which worries about the why or how things will pan out. Instead, they focus on what they love and let everything take care of itself, because ultimately they believe that the universe is there to support them.

Sonia teaches that by embracing what you love, you’ll discover true wellbeing. A good way to find out is asking, What do I look forward to doing? What excites and uplifts me? What amount of my life is involved with what I love? Chances are you’ll find the things that make you feel alive; that feeds your spirit. Think of it as a fire within you. The more you fuel it with what it loves, the stronger it becomes, and the quicker you move to becoming empowered, feeling alive and living with what excites and uplifts you.

‘The only to true way to live our lives to our fullest potential is to dedicate ourselves to the things we love. Live the life that is receptive. Attune to your inner vibration, your inner spirit guidance. Live the life that chooses to work from the heart versus react from the head,’ says Choquette.

‘Bring yourself to a higher vibration to paying attention to what you love and really paying attention to that vibration, following it, embracing it, engaging in it, being part of that experience of your heart.

It’s to take all this wonderful energy that you’re feeling in your mind and in your spirit and ground into the earth plane. It’s like imagine to imagine your heart and mind and spirit are the internet and your lesson is to dial into certain things and push print so that it shoots out and everyone has access to it.’

Another important characteristic in spirited people is that they have a heart that is always open. They don’t necessarily have the facts or reasons for following what their heart wants, but they know intuitively that it’s bringing them where they’re supposed to be.

‘You have to stay in the heart frequency. Don’t silence your heart to service your mental frequency. Sometimes when I’ve firmly made a decision people say, ‘How do you know?’ and I say, ‘I don’t know, but I feel it.’

The key is living out your spirit daily. If we can embody what we love doing, listen to that inner voice and open our heart—not to consider these things, not to hold them off for weekends or special occasions, not to have after duties and obligations, but to really connect with them everyday—we would indeed be beautiful, talented and intelligent beings, regardless of what the world thinks of us.

Keys to self-love and authentic spirited living:

  • Have an open heart. When you are receptive to the love and goodness life offers, you attract the positive in the world. You connect with the spirit of life rather than its drama.
  • Take nothing personally. Whatever someone does or doesn’t do isn’t about you.
  • Don’t be a victim. Remember you can’t control others, but you can choose how you respond to them.
  • Feel your fear and acknowledge it, but know it’s not the end of the world. It is natural to feel afraid at times, especially facing the unknown, but most of what we fear doesn’t even come to pass. Don’t focus on the worst possible outcome.
  • Hold an unwavering focus on your goals. The whys and hows to get where you want to be aren’t as important as the result you want to achieve. Nelson Mandela didn’t know how to end apartheid, but his heart was convinced that he would. Gandhi didn’t know how to free India from British rule—the how wasn’t his primary focus; that it would occur was his only concern.

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