Repetitive Numbers Don’t Just Appear By Chance! – Doreen Virtue

Numbers are often the most interesting—and sometimes, puzzling—signs to receive from the angels. Sequences appear in recurring patterns, and if you don’t know what you’re looking at, it can feel as if someone or something is out to confuse you.

Number signs come from all over. Most commonly, though, they’re seen on clocks, license plates, and buildings; and in telephone numbers, e-mail time stamps, and cash-register totals. When you see repeating numbers in your life, ask your angels what they mean or look them up in the book Angel Numbers 101, which explains number meanings from 1 to 999 and covers any combination with more digits.

Below are some enchanting stories of how people have had their lives helped, changed, comforted, and reassured with the power of number signs. Our first story comes from Jason Simpson, who gets daily reminders that the angels are always with him:

My angels send me signs in the form of number sequences that I see on license plates, receipts, clocks, and the like. For example, when I see the number 420, it’s as if the angels are saying, “Hi, Jason,” since my birthday is April 20. I keep a daily journal of angel numbers or other signs that I see. Sometimes I notice as many as 25 angel numbers in one day.

The joy of receiving particular numbers from the angels and the Universe can be so great that sharing the moment with someone can be as powerful, or more so, for the other person. Angelica Montesano shares an example of how this is possible:

My friend Theresa taught me about the meaning of the number 11 and its patterns, like 111 or 1111. Although she didn’t know the origin of her sentiments about this particular number, they had been there for as long as she could recall. She expressed high regard for the 11th day of each month—and even more so in November, where the date’s numerical equivalent is 11/11. She had included the number 11 in the name of her production company and used it freely in all other projects and endeavors where numbers were called for.

One summer evening I was at a local mall shopping for household items. As I got ready to pay for an item at one of the stores, the cashier informed me that my total was $111.01. I took note of the number sequence, smirking silently. I moved on to the next store, and this time my total was exactly $111.

I immediately thought of Theresa and felt that it was important to call her on the spot. When I did, I was greeted by her voice mail and left a message explaining the sequence of numbers on my receipts that had led me to reach out to her.

When Theresa called back, she explained that at the time of my call, she’d been at the hospital mourning the death of her grandmother. She said that my 111 voice mail had been of great comfort to her. Whether it was an angel, the spirit of her grandmother, or the Divine Creator calling on me to be a friend that evening, I have no doubt that my message to Theresa was Divinely guided.

Angelica’s story is a beautiful reminder to take action when we receive signs coupled with intuitive guidance. The number sequence 111 (and 1111) guides us to keep our thoughts positive and to only think about what we desire, rather than what we fear. However, there’s no need to be afraid, for this number sequence is a reminder of the ever-present angels, as Cheryl Allen explains:

Whenever I have doubts or questions, I receive a message from my angels. If I happen to glance at my clock and it reads 11:11, this reminds me that they love me and are always with me to help guide me on my path.

The angels, who always want you to be comfortable and happy, will also show you number signs to shield you from loss. When this happens, make sure to have love on your mind and in your heart when you think of passed loved ones or pets, because they are in your immediate presence, as this story from Renee Pisarz illustrates:

When my beautiful son, Stephen, was killed in an automobile crash, I was devastated. I’d always thought that death was final . . . until I began receiving clear signs from him in the form of numbers.

When my son played basketball in school, his jersey number was 54. He later used this number as his e-mail address. After Stephen’s death, I started to see 54 everywhere as a sign of his ongoing love and presence.

For example, I’d notice 54 on clocks, license plates, and my car odometer. Even when I pulled into a metered parking spot, the minutes left would be his number. These were synchronicities, not coincidences. I picked up on the pattern. It always seemed like he was with me and I was being guided.

On my birthday I received a special gift. I stopped in front of a photo-frame shop, and in the window was a sports picture frame. I couldn’t believe my eyes. It had a red sports jersey, and of course the number on it was 54. A gift on my birthday!

After the physical passing of my son, my soul died and was reborn with my new spiritual awareness.

Numbers can also give us the courage we need to move forward and grow in our lives. A woman named Avisha shares how number sequences motivated her to follow her Divine guidance:

Recently I’ve been seeing the number sequence 744 in various combinations, which is an angel number that basically means “You’re on the right path! Keep up the great work!” I know it’s the angels’ way of giving me signs that I should keep moving forward.

This was especially true one day when I was driving to an intuitive Reiki session. It would involve channeled messages from angels, guides, and deceased loved ones. I’d never had a psychic reading before, and for some reason I was afraid of receiving a message from my mother, who’d passed away when I was a little girl.

During the drive, I almost turned around and went home because I was afraid of hearing what I needed to hear. Then a car drove past me with the number 474 on its license plate. I knew that this was a sign from my angels reassuring me that I was on the right path in going to the Reiki session.

So in my mind I put a request out to the angels. I said, Please show me another sign that lets me know that I should go through with this reading. Almost immediately, another car passed me with 477 in its license plate. All fears left me once I saw that number combination.

All in all, the reading was awesome, and my mother had a lot of messages for me. I felt that it healed me on a spiritual level.

The angels are always around us, and no task is too small or petty for them. They’re here to make our lives more peaceful and to help us stay on our true path so that we may learn the lessons we came here for. These lessons are evolutionary for our souls, so learning and growing are essential points of life.

In the next story, a woman named Robin shares how the angels made absolute certain that there was no doubt in her mind about their presence:

As a doctoral student of educational psychology, I’d been looking for a different path and was very stressed at school and eager to start a career and end the academic chapter of my life.

I yelled into the sky one night for someone to get me out of what I was doing or at least help me enjoy school. I longed to be helping people instead of spending endless hours in the classroom.

I began seeing triple numbers all around me. I saw them on license plates, the alarm clock, my cell phone, and the treadmill. I didn’t know what they meant, but I thought it was odd that I’d woken up in the middle of the night more times than I could remember at 2:22, 3:33, and 4:44. I mentioned to my girlfriend that something very weird was going on and I needed to know what these numbers meant.

Eventually, I was drawn to Doreen’s Angel Numbers 101 book, which told me that 111 meant to keep a positive thought about your current situation. This led me to study angels and archangels.

Finally, it came time for me to teach, and I definitely asked the angels to help me. One day when I was passing out tests to my students, I mentioned that everyone had a guardian angel. I was a little nervous as I said this, because such topics are not often acceptable to discuss in a college setting outside of a theology course.

As she rubbed her arms, a girl in the front of the class remarked, “I think that is so cool. It gives me goose bumps.” Another student said, “Me, too!”

As I handed out the final, without a second thought I told the students, “If you need a hand on the test, just call on Archangel Zadkiel because he is the ‘Memory Archangel’ who helps you remember things.” My students smiled.

I walked back to my desk and opened my cell phone to switch it to silent mode. The time read 11:11. I thought, Very clever, angels, very clever. My heart is forever open to, and grateful for, your messages of reassurance that I am not losing it! In my mind’s eye, I immediately saw Archangel Michael smile.

I don’t know if it was Zadkiel’s assistance in the room that day or just the study habits of my students, but all those who took the final that day got A’s on the test.

Half the fun of finding numbers is searching for their meanings. When this first started happening to me (Charles), I felt as if I were a player in a huge game that I didn’t remember asking to join. Sometimes it can feel odd, because the patterns and consistencies in the numbers are so absolute yet are encountered so randomly that they couldn’t possibly be a coincidence. A woman named Pai Chideya shares a story about finding peace with number signs:

Right after I met a man whom I consider to be a soul mate, I started seeing the number 111 everywhere! I also started waking up at 2:22, 4:44, and 5:55. The numbers began driving me nuts because I knew that they meant something, but I didn’t understand what.

Every time I’d turn my head or open a book, I’d see these numbers. I wondered what they signified but had no way of knowing.

Soon after, I began working for two new bosses. One was named Doreen, and the last name of the other was Virtue. That’s why I was amazed when I found the book Angel Numbers 101 by Doreen Virtue (whom I’d never heard of previously). 49

I began reading the book, and the numbers made perfect sense to me. They were like a form of communication with the angels that I didn’t, and couldn’t, control. Now I’m so in love with what’s happening; and I truly feel guided by the angels, God, and the Universe. The more I trust, the more guidance I receive.

As with any other sign, you’re always free to ask the angels to show you a number when you feel that it will help comfort or reassure you. The key to requesting a sign is not to push or force the timing of the angels. Don’t stop to stare in places you normally wouldn’t, or get frustrated if the number sign doesn’t show up on a big billboard seconds after you ask. The timing is always Divine, and the angels will never let you down. Sometimes they just operate in their way, as Joyce O’Keeffe discovered:

I was going through a really difficult time mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Although I grew up in a positive household and spent many happy years at home, somewhere I’d lost faith in myself. When I looked in the mirror, I didn’t recognize the reflection.

To feel better, a friend and I decided to go to a nightclub. I went through the motions of getting dressed, but I wasn’t happy. Instead, my self-worth was nonexistent, and I felt like a prisoner of my own negative thoughts.

Fortunately, I still had the wherewithal to ask God for a sign. I said, “God, if I see the number 7 tonight, I’ll know that this is a sign from you that everything will be okay.” I don’t know why I chose 7, but I did—and then promptly forgot about the prayer.

I put on a positive face and ventured out with my friend to the nightclub, where we danced. As we were leaving at the end of the night, a man I didn’t know came up to me and said, “We are all 7s. I am 7. You are 7. Everything is 7!” I let him talk for about five minutes, awestruck by what I was hearing.

To me, he was an angel sent from God. I gave him a hug and said, “You don’t know what this means to me!”

That’s the night I realized that someone out there wanted me to carry on and remain hopeful. I shall always remember the magic from God and my forever-protecting angels.

Occasionally, numbers are signs about our deceased loved ones. These are usually not so general as the angel-number signs. Rather, they usually refer to something personally significant, such as a birth or anniversary date. Sometimes the angels send license plates that have the letters of the loved one’s initials plus a significant number. If you see numbers that remind you of someone, trust the meaning. As Lorraine Halica recounts in the following story, the numbers can be extremely healing:

My beloved husband, Peter, was taken to Heaven very unexpectedly. To deal with the grief, I decided to move to another state to be closer to my sister. My old house sold within a month, so I knew that I was making the right move.

My car’s new license plates read: 505 WKS. It reminded me of 505 weeks, an easy-to-remember license plate.

But then my sister pointed out something to me that I hadn’t considered. My wedding anniversary was coming up shortly. If Peter were still live, he and I would have been married for 505 weeks!

Coincidence? I think not! I got a shiver, thanked God for this sign, and vowed never to turn in that license plate.

This is an edited extract taken from Signs from Above by Doreen Virtue available at all leading retailers.

Doreen Virtue will be holding her Angel Intuitive Course November 2010. For more details CLICK HERE.


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