Do We Welcome Change, Or Do We Stop It? – Wayne W. Dyer

When we are unsure of what road to take when faced with important life decisions, sometimes it’s easier to choose not to make any change at all. A change in career may involve the risk of less pay and trying to make ends meet, moving house may mean a smaller place and a longer distance away from loved ones, even a separation may mean being open to harsh judgments by others. But regardless of the inevitable consequences that come from taking on a new path, it’s always important to go with what you truly believe is right for you. Wayne W. Dyer says it’s your feelings and your soul’s calling which will show you the way.

Here are some of Wayne’s tips to help you make the right choice:

1. Take some time to visit that private place within you. Close your eyes and visualize yourself as being completely free of limitations…how does your body react? If you feel good, that’s all the evidence you need to prove to yourself that you have reason to change.

2. If the idea of failing, not being good enough or disappointing others is stopping you from making a change, imagine these excuses as being gone. Does its disappearance register in your body as a positive, healthy, and happy sensation? If so, then that alone is reason enough to go ahead with the change.

3. The change must be aligned with the callings of your soul. How do you determine that you’re aligned with your soul’s purpose? You know by the way the rational reason speaks directly to you in that personal place within. The thoughts and feelings that surface tend to go like this: This is truly who I am. By making these changes I will be living my life on purpose, fulfilling a destiny I came here to accomplish.

This is an edited extract taken from Excuses Begone! by Wayne W. Dyer available at all leading retailers or online here.

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2 Responses to “Do We Welcome Change, Or Do We Stop It? – Wayne W. Dyer”
  1. “it’s always important to go with what you truly believe is right for you” – what wise words these are – I am so excited about seeing Wayne live in Perth in August – I can listen to him for hours!

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