Divine Guidance At Your Fingertips – Doreen Virtue

They are known for waiting in the wings, willing to intervene at the eleventh hour or when misfortunes are about to befall. But a little less known, are their far more immediate and intimate role—like calling up an old friend, many people believe angels can be relied upon for guidance on relationships, love, career and other life areas anytime we want. While this requires nothing more than for us to simply ask, psychologist, author and pioneer of angel therapy, Doreen Virtue, has successfully taught people the specific skills and techniques to connect with the angels.

Doreen says oracle cards are the most popular way people can connect with angels. Oracle cards come in various packs including mermaids, dolphins, unicorns and goddesses, though the most popular are the angels. Similar to tarot cards, but without the negative messages, oracle cards operate on the laws of attraction—what you put out in the universe, you attract in return. So whatever question you have in mind, you will always receive the answer that is specific to that question. Sceptics argue it’s just luck or coincidence whenever a card seems to fit their question, but Doreen says that they are never wrong and always respond to your inner questions, not necessarily the ones you or your client think you are asking.

While answers to one’s inner questions are explored, so are one’s inner psychic abilities. Something that Verusha Singh, a previous Angel Intuitive course attendee run by Doreen, wanted to find out more about. ‘I thought it would be an interesting and fun way to find out more about those angelic helpers on the other side,’ she says, ‘But what I really wanted to know is what those intuitive nudges and gut feelings about certain people and situations, really meant. I wanted to understand more about it without passing it off as luck or coincidence.’ Like the right cards always popping up in a reading giving a particular message, Singh now firmly attests that the feelings she gets about certain people or situations are meant to tell her something, whether it’s a call to action or to take a different direction.

Singh, like the many others who attended Doreen’s Angel Intuitive Course – a workshop teaching people to connect with angels – have learnt to be more conscious about their inner psychic abilities. In fact, Doreen says we all have natural psychic gifts but it’s up to us if we want to nurture and enhance them, the way we would if we wanted to strengthen a muscle. They only work for us if we continually use them. Of course, some have a more developed sixth sense and use it as a profession, such as psychics, mediums or tarot readers. Many of us, on the other hand, are never aware of our natural psychic abilities but draw on them automatically, like when we listen to our intuition or ‘gut feeling’ or when we know something bad is about to happen.

In fact, there are four types of psychic abilities we naturally possess says Doreen. Most of us are strong in one, but we partially perceive by the other three.

Clairsentience is the ability to feel. Feeling oriented people note how different people make them feel, and can even discern the type of energy an object or piece of clothing carries by a particular person. They are likely to complain they’re too sensitive or overwhelmed by other people’s emotions. According to Doreen, these people have a gift of healing others through their physical contact and can often be found in professions like massage, energy healing, medicine or counseling.

Clairaudience is the ability to hear. These people can sharply hear voices, tones, sounds or noises not apparent to many others. The first thing they observe when they meet someone new is the sound of that person’s voice and might even claim to hear the voices or thoughts of the spirits of persons who are deceased.

Clairvoyance is the ability to see. Naturally visual, clairvoyants can see things beyond one’s mental sphere. For instance, they can see angels, angel lights or coloured mists around someone, and often have visions about a person or situation.

Claricognizance is the ability to know. These people have a strong knowing about things without any apparent reason why. They may fear that others may think they are know-it-alls and therefore don’t speak up when something enters their mind, like a brilliant thought or novel idea. Doreen says they can often find themselves saying, ‘I knew that was going to happen,’ or ‘I knew I shouldn’t have gone there.’

Angels will always lend their support, and by knowing how to work with them offers surprising solutions to occur in one’s life, including signs from above. For instance, one may discount the significance or seeing white feathers, coins in strange places, or repetitive number sequences, but behind these, Doreen teaches, are messages from our angels.

Whether we consciously call for our angels or not, Doreen says they are assigned to each and every one of us before we were born. Even if we don’t ask for their help, they still continuously send pure, unconditional love and warn us if our lives are endangered in some way. But, she stresses, we also have the gift of free will, and it is how we use this that essentially opens us up to something more physically and spiritually powerful than ourselves or leaves us on our own unguided path. As Doreen puts it, ‘You have to participate in the dance of having your prayers answered.’

Signs your angels are speaking to you:

  • You suddenly feel warm, like someone’s giving you a loving hug.
  • You smell the fragrance of flowers of your deceased loved one’s distinct scent.
  • You feel like someone is touching your head, hair or shoulder.
  • You possessed information about something related to current events without having read or heard about it.
  • You had a premonition of how something (a business venture, a recreational trip, for example) was going to happen, and you were right.
  • You met a new person and suddenly knew details about him or her without having had previous knowledge of the individual.

Doreen Virtue will be holding her Angel Intuitive course November 2010. For details and tickets visit www.hayhouse.com


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