An Interview with Sonia Choquette on Love, Intuition and Living Well

The journey through life is the same for everyone. We are born, grow and ultimately pass. It is the quality of the journey that makes the difference.

Sonia Choquette, world-renowned intuitive and spiritual teacher, shows us how to live life to the full; to live it it how it was intended – a cruisy, fun-filled adventure,  in her latest book, Travelling at the Speed of Love. Here, she gives us insights into her new book and her life philosophies to help us all live free from fear and full of love.

1. Why did you write Traveling At the Speed of Love?

I believe many of us today live under the frequency of fear or a victim mentality. When we’re travelling like this, no matter how fast we go, we can never get to our destination. Our life experience becomes energetically costly as well, fraught with far more irritations, aggravations, disappointments, missed opportunities, and psychic insults to the spirit.

I wrote this book so that when it comes to the journey of life, anyone can choose to live with love over fear. It doesn’t always come easily (although it gets easier and easier), but it does allow you the finest quality of experience on your journey. To travel at the speed of love in life is to confront your fears, including defensiveness, anger, judgment, abandonment, and insecurity; and consciously reject those patterns in preference of a better, more loving attitude.

2. You describe a life full of ease and flow as traveling in ‘first class’, compared with traveling in ‘economy class’, which is one of discomfort, struggle and a lot of drama.

What is one thing a person can do to get them closer to living a better quality way of life?

Anyone who is willing to ask for more from life and make the effort to get it, who wants to enjoy his or her life experience rather than suffer and be a victim of it, can travel at the speed of love. The only requirement is that you be open to loving life—your life—fully, and view everyone and everything as a learning opportunity for your soul.

To love something doesn’t mean you have to like it, approve of it, or even desire it. It simply means to accept that this is what is happening, and if it’s not happening in a way that uplifts you, know that you have a choice in how to respond. You can be a victim of it or send it and yourself more love so that your response to it will transform into one that is proactive, creative, and ultimately right for you.

It is challenging to travel first class in life, as I’m sure you can think of many people and things you do not love. I’m not suggesting that you love being in pain, or love the awful and even evil things that can be a part of life, but rather that you love that you are alive, and that you respond to all your life experiences with love. Once you decide to love your life and accept it all with the choice to respond with love, you will never turn back and ride the coach class of fear again. Once you’ve experienced this more liberated and peaceful way of living you’ll want it, crave it, and insist that it’s the only way to fly.

3. Can you give is one example where we can adapt this attitude in one area of our life?

For example, you may hate your body. To project this energy onto your body, however, causes depression, anxiety, embarrassment, and low self-esteem, all of which we know will not create a peaceful, loving flow. Because of these negative frequencies travelling through your body, you may be attracted to negative choices, such as eating ice cream while watching reality shows on weight loss, staying up and playing computer games into the wee hours of the morning instead of getting a good night’s rest, or sneaking cigarettes while walking the dog—choices that only cause your body to feel worse than before, creating a vicious downward spiral.

To love your body, on the other hand, and accept what is with your body at the moment will start to free the blocked and stagnant energy that keeps your body from being the vehicle you prefer. When you treat your body in a loving way—nurturing it with healthful foods, giving it the exercise and sleep it needs—it will respond by becoming a body that you do love. The key is to shift the focus of your attention to ways to love your body by treating it in a way that it serves its needs best.

Another way to love your body is to appreciate how hearty it is, even if it isn’t exactly behaving or looking the way you’d like it to. For example, if you’re chubby around the middle, acknowledge that you can still be mobile and get around. Then, in appreciation of this fact, go for a short walk every day. If your teeth are crooked and a little stained, be grateful that you have teeth at all, then take a little more time brushing and flossing in appreciation of that fact. If you have digestive problems that cause you to be bloated and gassy, be glad that your body lets you know what isn’t good for it, therefore probably saving you from much more serious gastric conditions later. In appreciation of that fact, be a little more mindful of what foods cause your body to react so negatively. The point is, whatever your dislike or frustration, it could be worse, so turn your attitude around and love the full human experience, including the challenges and frustrations you may be experiencing.

4. You always stress on the importance of our sixth sense, what is this sense and why is it so important to be in tune with it?

The sixth sense is the voice of the sprit within. It is our own personal GPS; our personal connection to our authentic self, as well as a mirror of our connection to the grand web of life. It protects, inspires, connects, informs, teaches, and leads us on our life’s journey to the path of our highest good, while revealing the way to experience a sense of meaning and purpose, as well as opening the heart to unconditional love for all of life. Without our sixth sense activated and working to lead our lives as it is designed to, like a car driving through dense fog at midnight without headlights, we are left to fumble through the confusion of our limited misguided perceptions, and fearful thoughts, we become easily lost, frustrated, and unable to find our way to the positive flow of life.

5.Why do you think so many people deny or ignore the presence of this sense?

I believe most people who deny or ignore their sixth sense do so because early in life they received ignorant, inaccurate, or misleading information about this natural part of their consciousness, and so began to tune it out as something unreal or negative to follow. They hold on to the ideas and role modelling they received as children, which often denied or denigrated the spiritual voice within, and so cut themselves off from this essential and natural inner guidance system and instead enslaved themselves to the control of limited and often self-serving others instead.

Happily this catastrophically poor decision to cut themselves off from their divine nature and authentic self is quickly reversing for many people and fast, as science itself acknowledges the presence of a sixth sense within all, so these more naïve, superstitious, and ignorant beliefs are giving way to better informed human beings who are quickly reclaiming and using their inner power as they have been designed to do. People all over the world are experiencing a spontaneous reawakening of their intuitive faculties, and find this recovery a profound healing in their lives.

Always, and in all ways, trust your vibes, your intuition. It is the voice and light of your spirit and will guide you moment to moment to the most authentic and loving choices and direction in life, for both you and for all concerned. In these times it is the only sane way to live.

Travelling at the Speed of Love (Hay House, RRP $26.95) is available at all leading retailers August 2010.

Sonia will be appearing at I CAN DO IT! in Sydney and Perth, August 2010. For details and tickets visit

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