Five Things to Look for in Your Lover’s Face! – Jean Haner

Face reading has been used for thousands of years in China, and over time, it did degenerate into more of this kind of superstition, based on possessing either ‘good luck’ or ‘bad luck’ faces.  But actually Chinese face reading has far greater depth than this – it’s a branch of Chinese medicine, and evolved with this ancient science as a way to diagnose illnesses, by examining the features and markings of someone’s face.

The Chinese discovered long ago what the West has only come to accept in the last few decades – that our physical health is inextricably intertwined with our emotional nature.  Just as you can read someone’s health in their face, you can also see their personality, how they will tend to think, feel and behave.  You can read the story of their life’s journey, what they need to be happy in life, the work they’ll enjoy, and the kinds of relationships they need to make their heart soar.

Face reading is actually a very sophisticated, multi-layered subject. You cannot single out one feature on someone’s face and know all about who they are, of course. Instead, it’s seeing how the features together reveal the choreography of that person’s unique inner dance.  But there are certainly details you can notice on someone’s face that can help you understand some important aspects of their personality.

I often have couples in my workshops or private consultations, curious about how face reading can help improve their relationship.  Sometimes they’re fearful I’m going to tell them to split up!  But the first thing to understand is that there are no bad combinations.  All relationships can be successful; it’s a matter of awareness and understanding.  So in this light, let me share with you some insights you may get from the face of the one you adore!

Eyebrows: Full, thick eyebrows indicate someone who loves to be active both in work and play.  They’re confident and assertive, but also have more potential for anger and frustration than other people.  They are driven to make a difference in the world, breaking up the old to make way for the new, and won’t back down from an argument.

A woman who plucks her eyebrows too much can diminish her level of self-confidence.  And a woman who creates pencil-thin eyebrows can actually develop an anger problem!

Jaw: The Chinese call the jaw “the roots of the tree.”  A tree with strong roots can’t easily be pushed over.  This means that someone with a large, or highly-defined jaw can’t be easily influenced – they have strong values and firm beliefs.  They’ll stand up for what they believe in, but may not be so open to other people’s ideas.  A very strong jaw indicates a judgmental personality who may leap to conclusions too quickly!

Someone with a narrow jaw will be less judgmental, and able to listen to all sides of an argument.  However, they may be indecisive or too easily influenced by what others say.

Mouth: A large mouth or full lips reveals someone for whom relationships are very important.  They’re generous and emotionally available – sometimes too much so!  Others who don’t share this priority may judge them as demanding or overly-involved in the lives of their friends or family.  Someone with a very small mouth may have less need for many friendships.  They can sometimes struggle with a lack of feeling like there is a safe foundation for them in life somehow.

Anyone with wrinkling near their mouth may have a pattern of over-giving in life and putting themselves last.  This can be an early warning sign that they need to make sure they balance this by learning to receive love as easily as they give it.

Eyes: Someone with deep-set eyes or who holds their eyes in a narrowed fashion is more private about their inner feelings and may not be so easy to express their difficult emotions, even with those they’re close to.   They may be more skeptical overall, and you will need to earn their trust.

Someone with large eyes, especially if they are held very open, tend to wear their hearts on their sleeves.  They’ll express their feelings very easily and may not understand when others can’t be as open in communications.

Chin: The chin reveals the level of someone’s willpower.  Someone with a prominent chin will have great tenacity.  Once they set their mind to something, they’ll stick with it till they reach their goal.  This can also translate into a stubborn nature!  And if you know someone with a chin that sticks out and then up, you may as well throw up your hands and give up now, as you’ll never be able to make them do anything they don’t want to!

If someone has a receding chin, this is an indication they might have been oppressed early in life; not allowed to exert their willpower.  They may lack confidence or give up too early when the going gets tough.  On the other hand, because they know what it feels like to be the underdog, they may develop incredible strength in helping the little guy!

Using the wisdom of your face, you can move from reaction and judgment to a place of love and compassion, not only for your lover, but for whoever you encounter in life.  Even more importantly, you can look at your reflection in the mirror and truly say, “I love you.”

Jean Haner, author of The Wisdom of Your Face, teaches and consults internationally about powerful techniques to “read” people’s inner natures. With her 25-year background in ancient Chinese principles of balance and health, Jean places an emphasis on compassionate and affirming ways for people to live in alignment with their own true selves. Please visit

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