2 Minutes with Wayne W. Dyer

What is one book that has changed you and why?

A Guide to Rational Loving by Albert Ellis – it came along at a crucial time in my life and helped me make decisions.

Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

I am both.

How do you cope with difficult people and situations?

Try to love them.

As I’ve got older I’ve…

become more content.

Can you give readers three practical tips for living from their authentic self rather than their ego?

1. Have reverence and a gentle approach to life

2. Make conscious contact with God through silence each day

3. Give more than you ask for

How do you keep fit?

I swim and do yoga everyday.

See Wayne for his farewell tour of Australia at I CAN DO IT! Sydney & Perth, August 2010. For details and tickets CLICK HERE.

One Response to “2 Minutes with Wayne W. Dyer”
  1. one of the most impactful books in my life (actually I have the CD’s!) is “There is a spiritual solution to every problem” – I have listened to this over and over again and still hear new information and insights on it.
    I love Wayne’s sense of humour and how he talks – so easy to listen to and so many things to chuckle about!

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