The Truth About Attraction – Sandra Anne Taylor

There’s been a lot of material about attraction and manifestation lately, but there’s also been a lot of confusion, too. In order to tap into your real power and change your destiny for the better, it takes a much more holistic approach than most people realise. The real secret of success lies in your quantum psychology, the connection between your mental and emotional make-up and the source of abundance in the physical world.

The forces of consciousness are a powerful element in the natural world.  It is undisputed in quantum physics that consciousness creates reality; and it’s important to know that your consciousness creates your reality.  When you understand the fundamental truths about how this happens, you can move from abstract and simplistic ideas to practical techniques that can change your life forever.

One of the most misunderstood features of the laws of attraction is the concept of intention.  People think that if they just focus on what they want, they should be able to eventually get it.  But it’s the energy of your whole life force—the consciousness that you project to the world every day—that really gets the results.  So in terms of your destiny creation, it’s far more important to pay attention to the energy that you are creating now than it is to keep thinking about what you want in the future.

Having an individual goal is fine, but that goal is always propelled by your daily life force.  You can focus on getting a new relationship, a new job, or a raise in pay.  You can visualise it and wish for it every day, but if your intention is not supported by a positive life force, there will not be enough power behind it to get the results you really desire.

The core of your personal energy is your self-perception.  You may hide what you think about yourself to the outside world, but your genuine self-view still gets revealed in your energetic vibration.  So take a moment to honestly think about how you see yourself—and how you view your place and power in the world.  Remember that your future reality is being formed in your conscious now.  Ultimately that means that the value you seek in the external world can only come from a strong sense of value within right now. If you are not capable of seeing the unlimited worth of yourself and your life, then this is the first change that must be made.

The universe often speaks your language in very exact terms.  If you are criticizing yourself or devaluing your life in any way, the universe will respond accordingly, sending difficult situations your way.  But your self-talk is always within your power to shape. Your learned patterns of worry and self-doubt may be very strong habits, but they are not your truth!  If you look at your history, you are likely to find that the negative thoughts that have been driving your life are really just somebody else’s drama, and you don’t have to hold onto them any longer! By becoming more aware of your mental options, you can create a new truth for yourself, filled with self-honouring, trust and optimism. This will change the direction of your life force entirely—and immediately activate more beneficial patterns of attraction.

This intention to be more positive and optimistic in your thinking is a very important choice in your daily life, but it brings up another misconception about the laws of attraction.  People have become afraid to acknowledging any negativity at all.  Some actually believe that you should never have a negative thought or express a difficult emotion.  But having doubts and negativity is a normal part of human life, and judging yourself for that experience is only adding negation to negation.  Never fault yourself for being human.  We all have our ups and downs.

Understanding our difficult times can help us to grow, heal, and become conscious. So stop beating yourself up for your fear and negativity.  Honour your feelings, and choose to forgive and honour yourself. Remember you always have the option to engage in self-respect, both in the way you treat yourself and in the way you speak to yourself.  You deserve your own high regard, and it’s absolutely necessary in terms of Universal attraction.

Your soul is the source of your true value.  In fact, this eternal view of your self is the easiest and most powerful way to create a new, strong self-esteem—and a new quantum psychology.  Such is the beauty of the energetic world—just a slight shift in consciousness can create dramatically different and even immediate results.  When new choices are engaged, information shifts, and entirely new realities are born.

It’s time to acknowledge this as your truth:  Your soul is a brilliantly shining light in the firmament of eternity, and your journey here is one of adventure, growth, and expanding love.  Your eternal spirit knows how truly, flawlessly, and impeccably valuable you already are.  When you finally embrace this truth, every kind of success will be yours!

Sandra Anne Taylor is the author of Secrets of Success (Hay House, $26.95), available now at all leading retailers.

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