Louise L. Hay’s Affirmations for Self-Love

While it’s a wonderful thing to experience romantic love, the most important love we can attain is self-love. Truly loving ourselves means having a deep appreciation for who we are, including what we see as our “faults.” It’s sad, but many of us refuse to love ourselves until we reach some self-imposed goal such as losing weight or making a lot of money. These goals are only a distraction, masking the true lack in our lives. Ultimately, we cannot sustain healthy relationships with other people if we do not have healthy, loving relationships with ourselves.

I hope that the following three affirmations will help the love for yourself to grow.


I’ve come a long way in my inner work on myself, and I still have much to do. I have learned that making myself “wrong”  for anything is not a healing process. I can examine the situation and see where I could do it better next time. I can look for thoughts that would support uncomfortable behaviour and release them. When I become aware that I am making myself wrong for something, I can stop my punishing manner of thinking.

Each day is a learning experience, and by our “mistakes” we learn how to do it differently next time. So I am never wrong. I am just learning. It is all so simple.


We are all one in Spirit. Yet, my face is a unique and different expression of the face of God. You and I are not supposed to be alike. While many people live their lives by what others think, I can choose to follow my own heart and let others think whatever they wish.

I am neither too much nor too little, and I do not have to prove myself to anyone. I choose to cherish and love myself as the Divine, Magnificent Expression of Life that I am. Being me is an exhilarating adventure. I follow my inner star, and sparkle and shine in my own unique way.


Every day it is getting easier to give myself a good dose of unconditional love. I believe that what I ‘pick up’ depends on where I am in consciousness. Do I believe that “life is hard and I always get the short end of the stick,” or “I’m no good anyway, so what difference does it make”? If my beliefs run along these lines, then my immune system – which registers my thoughts and feelings – will be lowered and open to whatever I give it.

If I believe, however, that “life is a joy, I am lovable and my needs are always met,” then my immune system will feel supported, and my body will more easily fight off dis-ease.

More of Louise’s affirmations on self-love can be found in her book, Meditations To Heal Your Life, available wherever good books are sold. For more information CLICK HERE.

One Response to “Louise L. Hay’s Affirmations for Self-Love”
  1. Love the photo. And, you touch on many points that I agree with. Loving yourself is one of the greatest things you can do. How did you first discover Louise Hay? I think she’s wonderful.

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