The Benefits of Regression – Brian L. Weiss

The path of our spiritual journey is an inward one, unique to each of us. Wise teachers can point the way, but only we can make the journey. We progress at our own speed, and there’s no schedule or deadline for reaching enlightenment.

Regressing to significant childhood events, to infancy or even to past lives may provide considerable relief and benefit in the present time. Sometimes, just through the act of remembering, symptoms can be removed. Memories can lead to understanding, and understanding frequently leads to healing.

You don’t have to suffer from anything to receive benefits from regression. You can recapture the happiness, joy and spontaneity of childhood. You can even revisit loved ones – when you were all younger. You can remember past lifetimes, becoming aware through this process that your soul, your true essence, is immoral and eternal. You have lived before, and here you are again. You never really die, nor do your loved ones. You’re always being reunited, either on the Other Side (in heaven) or back here in this physical dimension.

Whether you suffer from symptoms and fears, or whether you are just curious, there are many blessings awaiting you when you practice regression. To some extent, frustration can block the healing and transformative process. The best thing is not to expect specific results. Just gently receive what comes to you. There is not time frame or race. Some people experience vivid memories or spiritual events the very first time; for others, it may take days, weeks, or even months.

One significant benefit to be gained through regression is a shift in values, or change in perspective that allows us to discern more clearly those things that are really important to us and those that aren’t. Such a shift in values can occur when we discover that we’re immortal, that is, we don’t die when our bodies do.

The awareness that we are indeed spiritual beings prompts deep-rooted changes, leading us to greatly value such qualities such as love, positive relationships, and compassion. We perceive our connection with all other beings more clearly. These new values become the foundation for happiness. Our priorities shift – events and people that previously upset or exasperated us can now be seen in a different light and from a different perspective. We become more patient and understanding. Our sense of inner peace and calm expands. The obstacles in our lives are now viewed more as opportunities to learn, stepping stones along our evolutionary journey.

After all, we’re eternal, spiritual beings finding our way home – always loved and never alone. At this level, nothing can harm us.

This is an edited extract from Mirrors of Time by Brain L. Weiss, M.D.

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One Response to “The Benefits of Regression – Brian L. Weiss”
  1. Ornella says:

    Where do I start? I find that this topic or anything Mediphysical is never just black and white there is so much in between! And I love learning & trying to figure out what I can in this life time.
    Dr. Weiss with you specifically this topic is so intriging! I absolutely loved your book MANY LIVES MANY MASTERS!!! I have commented about that book in the past and still do, to so many people whether it was family/friends or strangers. That book definitely made a huge impact on me! I feel a little hypocritical because as much as I believe that is the futures ultimate healer for many, I have such an apprehensive feeling about it for myself.(FEAR) I would never want it to consume me. Everyone has a different personality & with me and I’m sure for many others it’s always the unknown. I believe that if your life isn’t feeling full or you’re not living the way you should be because something you are unaware of is holding you back ,Life Regression is absolutey the way to go. I also believe the trust between yourself & the person regressing you should be over a million percent! Talk about opening yourself up there’s nothing more than that! That’s just the way I feel! And that’s the same reason I have so much respect for what you do Dr. Weiss.
    If for whatever reason I would ever have a Life regressing I’d only want the Best! That’s you Dr.Weiss! Maybe in another Life time!!! LOL
    Until I comment again, Have a great day & And thanks for your writing I enjoy so much! Even though I know we are all eternal I like to be reminded in your writing! 🙂


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