What It’s Like to Meet the Authors Who Have Changed My Life – One Fan Shares Her Story

By Michelle Buchanan

For years I’ve wanted to attend a Louise Hay’s “Hay House” I Can Do It Conference in the States. Basking in four glorious days of back to back keynotes, workshops and seminars with some of the world’s best spiritual and self development authors of our time, some of which I’ve admired for almost 20 years!  Alongside my own hard work and effort, these are some of the authors that inspired me towards my own spiritual growth and have helped shape me into the person I am today. Seeing them “live” and “in the flesh” was literally a dream come true for me.

At the time of booking, conference attendees select which authors and workshops they would like to attend, however it’s not a problem for Hay House if you change your mind on the day, they will happily alter your choice.  The content of each keynote / workshop is categorised as either : Healthy Mind and Bodies, The Science Of Spirituality, Relationships and Wellness and Psychics, Dreams and Past Lives. It’s a non-stop spiritual feast of the ultimate soul food you will ever experience in your life.  All under one roof and alongside one “great big spiritual family” of like minded souls on a journey of truth of understanding.

Conference kicked off Thursday night with psychic mediums Colette Baron-Reid, John Holland and Lisa Williams. The accuracy of each medium was outstanding and the crowd were delighted by the consistent and continuous confirmation that life exists beyond the physical form.

In Friday’s workshop Colette Baron-Reid revealed some very “unique” and incredibly effective techniques for healing the inner child. She’s a charismatic dynamo and her “Wisdom Of Avalon” and “Wisdom Of The Hidden Realms” Oracle cards are phenomenal! They’re so accurate, it’s amazing.

Friday Night keynotes with Wayne Dyer were especially memorable for me, as I happened to be the lucky winner out of 2200 attendees to win a copy of Bruce Lipton’s book “Biology Of Belief”. And as if that wasn’t enough!  I was then awarded it by the “Father of Inspiration” himself … priceless!

It was a non-stop smorgasbord of informative, empowering and inspirational keynotes and workshops by Brian Weiss, Byron Katie, Marianne Williamson, Cheryl Richardson, Louise Hay, Loretta La Roche, Sonia Choquette, Eldon Taylor, Denise Linn, Dan Caro, Christine Northrup, Caroline Sutherland, Thomas Moore, Robert Holden and more.  Although you can’t attend them all, Hay House don’t want you missing out, which is why they provide recordings of every single presentation, so you can listen at your leisure and take the I CAN DO IT experience home with you.

I was completely overwhelmed by Bruce Lipton and Gregg Braden.  All I can say is “wow” – their teachings are phenomenal. If every person on the planet could witness their presentations, the world would be a much better place. These men are making a huge impact on Planet Earth by raising the collective consciousness via the understanding and awareness their teachings provide.  It was an absolute honour being in their audience and everybody else in the room felt the same.

Caroline Myss’s workshop was so powerful and moving, it literally brought me to tears. She is someone I highly respect; there is no-one quite like Caroline, and what a wealth of information! She’s a straight shooter who’ll tell you how it is. She won’t “candy coat” spiritual growth instead she’ll give you the kick in the pants you need to get results, which I find incredibly motivating and refreshing.

I was not only motivated, uplifted and inspired attending the presentations of these powerful authors of our time, I had the privilege of meeting and speaking with many of them too!  That is the beauty of attending an I CAN DO IT Conference!  Outside of the book signings, they may literally pass you in the corridors. And if they have time, they will happily stop for a photo or a chat. It doesn’t get any better than that!

I entered conference “thinking” I CAN DO IT – but I came away from conference “knowing” I CAN DO IT!   It was one of the greatest experiences of my life.

For more information and tickets on Australia’s I CAN DO IT, click HERE.


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