What Type Are You…?

Are you the type that easily opens up and speaks your mind, or the type that takes a little warming up before you make a connection with someone? In a crowd, do you like to be the centre of attention or the one who prefers to blend in? We all have our unique combination of personality traits, but according to Elizabeth Puttick, author of 7 Personality Types, we all fit into a particular archetype that best describes our true selves. Knowing what one we are, she says, can be the key in unlocking what best helps us to achieve success and happiness.

See what best describes you by ticking the below statements you agree with. At the end, add up your checks and note which groups you have the most ticks under.

Group 1:

  • People sometimes tell me I talk too much.
  • My social life is a high priority and I have a large circle of friends.
  • If asked to make an impromptu speech, I could easily rise to the occasion.
  • When I’m on form, I’m the life and soul of the party.
  • I wear interesting clothes and bright colours to stand out in the crowd.

Group 2:

  • I love to help people in any way that makes it possible for them to get along in life.
  • I usually put the needs of other people before my own.
  • I’m practical, competent and thorough at administration.
  • I really dislike losing control of a situation.
  • I prefer working for someone who has a positive vision which I can share and support.

Group 3:

  • I have an insatiable curiosity about life and love to explore its possibilities.
  • I prefer to think things through and do extensive research before making a decision.
  • My home is full of books, including a big pile on my bedside table.
  • I prefer to work alone.
  • I’d rather blend into the crowd and observe rather than be the centre of attention.

Group 4:

  • I’m can often see a way to expand and improve a project far beyond the original concept.
  • I’m a perfectionist with very high standards.
  • I have a natural authority which most people recognize and respect.
  • I’m good at seeing the bigger picture.
  • People often put me in a leadership position, even when I’m not looking for it.

Group 5:

  • I enjoy clothes and adapting fashion to my own personal style.
  • I sometimes buzz excitedly with new ideas, almost beyond my capacity to express them all.
  • I enjoy making beauty and harmony out of chaos.
  • My personality is fluid, changing with different people and situations.
  • People sometimes criticise me for being dreamy or distracted.

Group 6:

  • I feel a direct connection with a higher power or being.
  • I have a mission to help make the world a better place.
  • I’m a free spirit and don’t react well when people try to control me.
  • I often get intuitions or inner guidance.
  • People tell me they feel better just being with me or talking to me.

Group 7:

  • Loyalty is among my highest values and I expect others to share this.
  • I’m not afraid of confrontation.
  • People sometimes find me bossy when I’m trying to keep things moving.
  • I’m sometimes told I see the world too much in black and white.
  • I’m an open and straightforward person – what you see is what you get.


Group 1: The Sage

The key to this personality is communication, mainly through words, but also through performance. Sages are the storytellers of the tribe.

You like to give the most pleasure to others, entertain, and have fun. Any profession that offers opportunities for celebrity and stardom will appeal, particularly PR and politics.

Group 2: The Server

Servers bring inspiration into every aspect of daily life. They have excellent relationship skills. They motivate others with tireless support.

You give tireless support and service to others and are excellent at one-to-one relationships. You excel in almost any area of service, whether it is in family life, the workplace or the wider community.

Group 3: The Scholar

Scholars stand alone on their axis as seekers after truth. They can be found on the cutting edge of any branch of learning. You have a strong thirst for knowledge and often succeed when you set your mind to something. A career in science, philosophy and metaphysics can fuel your desire for more information and to search for new breakthroughs.

Group 4: The King

Kings are natural leaders. They stand out from the crowd with their imposing presence, and their charisma is felt by everyone they meet.

You are ambitious, energetic and action-oriented. You thrive in the corporate world as a CEO or entrepreneur.

Group 5: The Artisan

Artisans specialise in creativity. They are the great innovators, always seeing or inventing something new, fresh, and unique. You keep the world evolving through daily acts of creation, and you are often happy and fulfilled, since life throws up so many opportunities for creative expression. It is important to work in an environment that recognizes your creativity and good taste for style.

Group 6: The Priest

Priests are responsible for the values, morals and ethics in society. They are visionaries and they want to make a difference. You are hardworking, insightful and inspire others to do their best. This makes you an effective motivator and leader in the workplace.

Group 7: The Warrior

Warriors actively seek and relish challenge, adventure and any opportunity for action. Their aim is to get results. You are energizing, constructive and helpful. Working in the military or in business is good for you as you thrive in cut-throat competitive environments and handle tough people well.

7 Personality Types: Discover Your True Role in Achieving Success and Happiness by Elizabeth Puttick, Ph.D (Hay House, RRP $24.95) is available now at all leading retailers.

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