5 Ways to Simplify Your Life – Wayne W. Dyer

Many of us want to control every area of our lives, hoping it will flow in the direction we desire. We plan for our future, we save for our holiday or we try to create the balance necessary to bring in that new relationship or career in our lives. But what happens when we suddenly lose our job? Or find out we have an illness? What happens to our plans and goals we try so hard to attain?

Wayne W Dyer offers five principles of the Tao for leading a simple life without the need to control or force things to go a certain way.

1. Practice letting go of thoughts about what’s not here now.

Just allow yourself to meld into the perfection of the universe you live in. You don’t need another thing to be happy; it’s all being provided for you right here, right now. Be in this moment, and free yourself of striving for something more or someone else. This is a mind exercise that will put you in touch with the peace of the Tao. Affirm: It is all perfect. God’s love is everywhere and forgets no one. I trust in this force to guide me, and I am not allowing ego to enter now.

2. Introduce a soft, non-action style to your life.

Practice the way of non-action, or performing without effort. By letting go of your inner drive to push ahead, you’ll see that you ironically do better than when you tried so hard. In your work, become more tolerant in your drive to achieve by softening your attitude and behaviour. You’ll see that customers and larger opportunities are attracted to you. Why is this true? Because you’re allowing the perfect flow of the Tao.

3. Change your life by examining the urge to boast and be self-righteous.

When you’re about to brag to others about your credentials or accomplishments, momentarily sense the urge and recall Lao-Tzu’s advice that “this is the very stuff that must be uprooted, thrown out and left behind.” On the Tao path, inner approval is healthy and pure, while self-righteous boasting is simply superfluous.

4. Write these words and post them in a place you can read every day: This too shall pass.

This phrase will remind you that change is the only constant in life. Everything you notice is in a cycle of coming and going. Everything! There are no exceptions. Know this and let your thoughts flow in the constancy of change. This is the root, the Source of all cyclical happenings. It is perfect. It is Divine. It is something you can totally rely upon. It brings spring flowers, it brings the aging process, it brings rebirth, it brings new relationships – it is the Tao and it is constant.

5. Practice trusting your own inner nature

Every passionate thought that you have regarding how you want to conduct your life is evidence that you’re in harmony with your own unique nature – your fervent belief is all you need. If you’re tempted to feel insecure because others disagree with you, recall that Lao-Tzu counseled that “seeking favor is degrading” and will lead you out of touch with your true self. Ask yourself right now, What’s my own nature if I have no outside forces telling me who or what I should be?

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