Follow Your Inner Voice – Sonia Choquette

Your inner voice is the highest, most reliable counsel that you can pursue along your soul’s path. It is found in the heart, the home of the Divine Intelligence in your physical body. It does not flatter or condemn, and never tells you what to do. It only makes gentle suggestions that support your authentic path. It is your soul’s compass in this life, and it keeps you from becoming lost in the confusion of the world.

In order to connect to your inner voice, simply focus on your heart and listen. You must disengage from other voices and stop soliciting opinions from others. It is perfectly fine to seek direction and support, but in the end, let your Higher Self be your final and ultimate authority.

To now if the guidance you receive is indeed your inner voice, not your ego, consider how it affects you. Your Divine Wisdom:

  • Leaves you feeling grounded, calm and confident
  • Eases your insecurities
  • Elicits your compassion and adoration for those around you
  • Encourages self-love and acceptance of yourself
  • Is honest; resonating as truth in every cell in your being

If you do not experience these things, your ego is playing tricks on you. Change the channel because you are tuned in to something that does not serve your soul. You will face times when you must challenge or override the opinion of others. Do not be afraid. Trust your inner voice and follow it anyway. Doing so ultimately serves everyone.

Things you can do today to get in touch with your inner voice:

  1. Refrain from asking anybody to comment on your life – especially about what you should do.
  2. Be observant when you have conversations and careful not to be swept up in agreeing just to feel like you belong.
  3. Strive to become more discerning.
  4. Talk less, listen more.

This is an edited extract from Soul Lessons and Soul Purpose by Sonia Choquette available at all leading retailers.

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