Don’t Worry, Be Happy! – Dr Robert Holden

It’s official – the pursuit of happiness has speeded up! We are chasing after happiness faster than ever.  And the faster we run, the longer the race becomes. In recent years our happiness levels have not risen.  We are experiencing what researchers call “static happiness.”  In the 1940s when people were asked, “How happy are you?” the average score was 7.7 out of ten.  Most recently, the average score was 7.2 out of ten.

Happiness expert Dr Robert Holden offers his top 5 tips to boost your feel-good factor:

1. Choose Happiness

Some people chase happiness, and other people choose happiness.  It all depends how much time you want to save. Try to find the place in your mind where you have already decided how good today will be, how good this year will be, how good your life will be.  Are you happy with your decision?  Set a positive intention right now to let today be even more enjoyable than you thought it was going to be.

2. Love Someone

To be happy, all you have to do is be the most loving person you can be. People who give their best time, energy, and attention to their most important relationships experience more happiness.  All too often our most important relationships have to compete with our chronic busyness, and the busyness often wins.  Stop the busyness, and think about who you would like to spend more time with, acknowledge more, and have more fun with.

3. Forgive NOW

Sometimes in order to be happy now you have to be willing to give up all hopes for a better past. Everyone knows what it is like to experience a grievance, a disappointment, a wound, or a betrayal.  Living happily even after starts with forgiveness. You can’t keep carrying a grievance and hope to be happy.  Similarly, you can’t be a victim and be happy.  Practising forgiveness is what releases you from the past and changes your future.  Happiness is a gift you give yourself because it sets you free.

4. Vocal Gratitude

Say out loud three things you are grateful for.  Do this right now, before you go on reading this article.  Gratitude is often referred to as the shortest shortcut to happiness.  The more grateful you are, the happier you will feel.  Also, it is impossible to be grateful and depressed.  Gratitude with a capital “G” is a deep spiritual realization that you are created perfectly, and that everything you have ever wanted – love, joy, peace – is already yours.

5. Be Present

Living in the “not now” is a chief cause of unhappiness. The strain of being not present in your own life is simply too great. When you miss out on the present, you miss out on so much. No now; no life. In the English language, the word “present” has three distinct meanings:  “here”, “now” and “a gift”.  The more present you are in each moment, the more happiness you will find.  Happiness is where you are.

Be Happy! Release the Power of Happiness in You CD by Dr Robert Holden is available now at all leading retailers.


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