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Extraordinary? Unusual? It’s not! Messages from Spirit are received every day by ordinary people in a multitude of ways. We are made of, and surrounded by, an all-knowing Divine field of intelligence that is just waiting to guide us and give us help whenever we ask for it. We just need to learn how to enter the conversation and understand the dialogue. So how do we ask? How do we receive and interpret the answers?

By exploring ancient methods in a modern context of connecting to the Divine, renowned intuitive counsellor  Colette Baron-Reid shows you magical, fun and practical methods that will enable you to delve into your own dialogue with Spirit. She’ll take you on a mysterious and enlightening journey that will shake up your perspective, stir your curiosity, and prepare you for a Divine conversation that will forever change your understanding of the world around you.


Here is an insight into what motivated Messages From Spirit.


What inspired you to write this book?

The past 20 years I’ve made my living as an intuitive counselor, accessing the world of Spirit through my 6th sense on behalf of whoever sought me out. I’ve witnessed extraordinary miracles in my practice and since my childhood have seen and experienced consistent evidence that time, space and the boundaries of consciousness aren’t limited in the way I was taught. As a result of this I developed a fascination of how the unseen world works and how our relationship to it could be enhanced and developed for the highest good of all without fearful outmoded superstition.

Because of my experience, I’ve come to believe that Spirit, or Divine Intelligence, is everywhere, inherent within humanity as well as in Nature. I know with the utmost conviction that Spirit lovingly talks to us all the time and is waiting to guide us to our highest good – we just need to enter the conversation. We also need to re-learn and remember the symbolic language and methods that Spirit has spoken through since the beginning of time. I believe some of the answers to our forgotten personal conscious dialog with the Divine are hidden in the lost ways of many ancient traditions. I wanted to write this book to share what I found and to inspire others to explore their own relationship to Spirit.



Why is it important to have a personal dialog with Spirit?

First of all, we’re always having a dialog with Spirit because Spirit is within us. Spirit speaks to us through our natural gift of intuition. Here is something interesting I like to think about: if Spirit is everywhere, inherent in all of life, and the intelligence behind the manifest universe, and is also in us, then in essence when we engage Spirit in a dialog, it’s speaking to a part of itself inside of us. When we tune in and ask for divine guidance, Spirit will answer. It has to because it created us and loves us.

Spirit comes from the word “spirare” which means “to breathe”, so the breath of the Divine is within us and gives us life. Jesus said “We are all sons and daughters of God”. If that statement is true then it’s important to develop a personal relationship to that Father/Mother, Source, All that Is, God, Spirit, or many other names.  I believe that by developing a personal conscious contact with the Divine in a dialog asking for guidance, we will receive that guidance.  It will come in many forms. Oracles, omens and signs delivered through each other and through Nature and in our unique personal surroundings are some ways our prayers are answered.

I think it’s very important to recognize the separated ego- self runs on self-will alone and is the main cause of suffering in the world. A personal dialog with Spirit raises our consciousness to move from lack to abundance from fear to faith, from hatred to love. “Thy will not mine be done, thy will be done through me,” is a very different mind set to “give me what I want”. A personal dialog with Spirit reminds us daily of the miracles that exist everywhere, that we are loved, that through Spirit anything is possible.




What was the most significant message you have received for yourself or on behalf of someone else?

I recounted a couple stories in my book Messages From Spirit that deeply affected me. Both pertain to women who had lost young sons to fatal accidents. I was able to name them and tune into their personalities and truly deliver significant details to their mothers that only they could have known. I’ve always been reluctant to label myself a medium because I’m unclear as to the true nature of consciousness and how and what this information really is.  These two separate incidents finally convinced me to give up the debate and trust the evidence that consciousness is immortal even though the body dies. Another seemingly supernatural incident but is it really? We are more than we know and of that I am certain.



Where is the best place to start for someone just beginning to harness their intuitive abilities and enter a dialog with the divine?

Prayer and daily meditation are key action steps. It’s also important to be clear that what you are inquiring about serves the highest good and not just your individual wants. I also think it’s important to understand the difference between the voice of the ego and that of the soul.  I offer a series of free meditation downloads on my website that accompany the exercises that support intuitive development from my first book Remembering The Future. Clearing the emotional and psychological debris accumulated over the years takes commitment and courage and is necessary to clear the filter of one’s intuitive receptors. The more clarity and healing we accomplish the easier to receive and understand divine guidance. The best place to start is to begin a journal writing down your experiences when you felt you had received a message from Spirit. It’s amazing how many signs you receive all in the course of a day. You will come to expect them and then your emerging faith opens up the dialog even more. Start where you are and know that Spirit is the infinite intelligence and higher consciousness in All of life. Divine guidance and a conversation with Spirit is happening all the time.


Some of your views are controversial regarding religion’s influence on divine dialog, yet it’s obvious you respect all traditions. Can you explain your position on this?

I have deep regard and respect for the Light within all religious traditions. I believe that all of them share a common thread but not one has all the answers. Spirituality is not organized religion and is not confined to ideologies or dogma. Divine dialog is a spiritual practice of engaging in a deeply personal and meaningful relationship with Spirit. It is based on a moral responsibility and worldview that all of life is sacred and that Spirit sends messages through phenomena in the natural world as well as through one another. My comments that some may see as controversial were about the manner in which we have historically demonized spiritual practices that were replaced and modified by the new ones that supplanted them. Rarely if ever have we seen easy effortless evolution in our versions of the Divine. The transitions are usually accompanied by violence and acts of atrocities acted out in the name of religion. Yet the changes are the evolutionary products of socio-economic and political change and have been necessary in our human evolutionary process. Whenever a culture dies and another becomes the stronger the same phenomena of superstition occurs as one seeks control over the spiritual territory. An obvious example of this is how Native American spirituality and ritual were declared demonic by the Christian missionaries who came to convert them. Yet, today we have much to learn from those old traditions especially those whose beliefs included a reverence for Nature. I believe we’re at a crucial moment in history where we will either continue to destroy ourselves and the planet or enough of us will wake up to shift the course of destruction we’re all on. We must find ways to restore peace and prosperity in the world. I believe we can learn from ancient indigenous people’s traditions. We have to find the best within these traditions and in our own and choose those that affirm life. I believe it’s imperative we learn to Love all, serve all, and respect all of life.


What message do you hope this book will bring to people?

When all is said and done, I hope my readers will see the world with different eyes, recognizing the signs Spirit sends them constantly reminding them that they are loved. I hope it will help all of us remember that we’re heard, loved and part of an ongoing miracle. Spirit is everywhere, chatting to us all the time. We just need to learn to listen and trust that All is Well and have fun living life and loving it too. Life is an adventure filled with every experience, all of which are valid. I hope this book reminds all of us that we are not separate but part of something magical wondrous and extraordinary. Unity is the only Truth; separation, the illusion.



Messages from Spirit: The Extraordinary Power of Oracles, Omens, and Signs is available at all leading retailers. Visit Colette’s website or have a look at her Wisdom of Avalon Oracle Cards!


Colette Baron-Reid


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