The Vitamin D Revolution – Soram Khalsa

We’ve been told to ‘Slip, Slop, Slap’ for years and to check our skin regularly for any abnormal spots. Yes, it’s great advice, but we’re hardly told about the benefits we can actually get from sunlight. Now, Soram Khalsa, M.D., sheds new light on the power of a long-forgotten benefit we get from the sun—Vitamin D. He reveals how to recognise signs of Vitamin D deficiency, and shares insights from his Beverly Hills medical practice where he normalises his own patients’ Vitamin D levels for their optimal health.

Here is an excerpt from his latest book, The Vitamin D Revolution.

There is a revolution that is about to take place in medicine. It began quietly more than ten years ago in hidden-away research labs. However, in the six months prior to writing this book, awareness of this phenomenon has begun to reach every newspaper, magazine, and Website in the world. I predict that it will not be long until everyone on Earth feels and understands the power of this revolution and how it can change the world.

This revolution is the result of new research on the power that vitamin D offers us to improve human health and longevity. Vitamin D deficiency is now connected with 17 varieties of cancer, along with heart disease, high blood pressure, strokes, autoimmune diseases, diabetes, chronic pain, and osteoporosis. Initially, these research studies have shown that there is a strong relationship between vitamin D and these diseases. But now the studies are shifting to more comprehensive so-called randomized-controlled trials (RCT), the gold standard of medical studies, and I predict that these will transform the way medicine is practiced.

We are no longer at the beginning of understanding the power of vitamin D. I believe that with the strength of all the studies we already have, combined with the new ones coming out, there is sufficient evidence for a mandate to the government to raise the RDA (recommended daily allowance) for vitamin D.

Everyone should be tested (just as they are for diabetes and cholesterol); and all physicians, regardless of their area of specialization, should stand up and normalize their patients’ levels of this amazingly powerful vitamin-hormone.

Because the sun is our major source of vitamin D and we have so much of it in Southern California, I had assumed that people would be getting their vitamin D from the sun. But then I remembered that most of my patients see their dermatologists regularly, and that for many years they have been warning all of us about the dangers of sun exposure and its role in creating skin cancer. They have trained us to shield ourselves before we even go out for the day. Indeed, most women’s cosmetics now have some sun protection in them. I realized that so many of my patients were testing low in their vitamin D levels because they were all using sunblock.

I acknowledged that we must create a new relationship with the sun. Depending on which of the six skin types we as individuals have, it is important for us to get some sunshine on a regular basis. (You will learn much more about this as you read on.) In addition, I realized that it was critical to do a blood test in order to measure my patients’ blood levels of vitamin D. Those who were low could then be given a large dose for a relatively short time to bring them up to normal, and thereafter be kept on a maintenance dose.

Then during my meditation one day, the thought came to me that a home test would be perfect for the millions of patients who do not see a doctor regularly or whose doctors are not performing vitamin D blood tests regularly. I also realized that I could provide these test kits to people at a very reasonable price. But then I asked myself: How will patients know what to do with their test results?

That is when it became imperative that I write this book. I knew it had to be written in lay language and be simple and to the point, as well as being an enjoyable and quick read. In a book, I could teach readers how I correct my patients’ vitamin D levels and bring them up to either normal or optimal range, depending on their particular health picture or personal needs. Allowing people to have access to a test kit would enable them to take control of their own health and ascertain their vitamin D status. And then from this book, they could learn the dosages I advise for my patients so that they could achieve normal and optimal levels. Of course, the other good thing about the test kits is that after a period of time, people can repeat their tests and keep tabs on their progress.

I am very excited about the possibility of improving the health of our country, and indeed the entire world, by helping every person to safely achieve normal or even better—optimal vitamin D levels. It is my sincere belief that all the benefits of this “vitamin-hormone” will improve their quality of life and extend their years of healthy living.

I look forward to taking you along with me on this vitamin D adventure! I hope that you will become as excited about this inexpensive, easy-to-obtain “vitamin” as I am.

The Vitamin D Revolution


The Vitamin D Revolution is available at all leading retailers. Visit Soram Khalsa’s website for more information.


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