The Kabbalah Code – James Twyman

Here is a sneak peak of James Twyman’s The Kabbalah Code. James Twyman embarked on a quest to discover the true meaning of the Sacred Names of God, leading him to an adventure in Paris that changes his life forever.


“I AM is how God is known to himself. I believe that Jesus understood God’s revelation, and you can bet that didn’t sit well with the priestly elite of the time. Speaking of the priestly elite, you also need to understand something. At certain points in the tradition, there were extremely strict laws determining who could even study the Kabbalah. In early Kabbalistic traditions, and even now, transmission came directly from a master, or a teacher, to his chosen pupils or disciples. Even today, in more Orthodox circles, if you’re a woman, you can forget about it, although there are records of women back in the day who, contrary to popular opinion, were well versed in many of the deeper mysteries of consciousness. One such woman was Noa, one of the daughters of Zelophehad. There was also Sarah, Miriam, Esther, Devorah, and many others, not to mention the Magdalene.

“Even nowadays, to be considered a serious student of Kabbalah in certain circles, you must be male, 40 years of age or older, married, have at least three children, and most important, you must be Jewish. All that’s changing now, but prior to the 17th century, there were no such restrictions, so when modern Kabbalists try to impose these rules, they really don’t have much, if any, historical precedent—not to mention a leg to stand on.”

 “It’s almost like most Catholics believing that it has always been a rule that priests remain celibate and can’t marry,” I said. “It’s actually only been a strict rule for about half the life of the church, about a thousand years.”

“That’s correct,” Phil confirmed, “but let’s stay on the subject so I don’t forget where I am. This may seem like an endless amount of information that may or may not have any relevance for you, but it’s significant, as you’ll no doubt find out for yourself. The final thing I want to tell you regarding the historic transmissions of the

Kabbalah is perhaps the most crucial. This is not a common belief among all teachers of the tradition but was and still is believed by some, perhaps more than one would think. As I’ve mentioned, most believe that God has revealed the true and full Kabbalah five times, possibly six, but there is rumored to be a final time that is still left to come. This will be the most important transmission, and it will determine the fate of this planet.”

 “Do you know whom it will be given to?”

 “Yes, I believe I do.”

 There was a long pause. I could feel goose bumps forming on the surface of my entire body. “Okay,” I said, “can you tell me?”

Another long moment of silence. Finally, Phil looked at me. “It will be given to you.”

 “Me?” I asked, swallowing hard. “Why me? What are you saying?”

He leaned forward and said, “Let me be very clear. I mean you and me and everyone. The final transmission is for all of us . . . for humanity itself. The stage has been set for the ultimate revelation that will change everything on the planet. There’s an evolutionary leap that is about to take place that has, in fact, already begun.

Whether it comes peacefully, with ease and grace like that gentle breeze you were talking about earlier, I’m not sure. All I know is that it’s inevitable. A table has been set and an invitation has gone out. What was formerly reserved for the privileged few, such as Moses and Jesus, is being offered to all. Our continued presence on Earth is at stake, and as always, God has heard our prayers.”

Twyman, James

The Kabbalah Code is available at all leading retailers now or from


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