The Most Common Dreams – Leon Nacson

Until someone proves otherwise, we have the most creative mind in the known universe. If our mind chooses to spend one third of our life sleeping and most of the sleeping time dreaming, then dreams must serve a very valuable purpose. We could have not possibly gone to so much trouble, generation by generation developing such a complex organ merely so that it is of use when our eyes are open. Therefore it must have a mired of functions, some of which are beyond our wildest imaginations.

What is known is that we cannot survive without sleep, and while we sleep we dream. When we dream we regulate our moods, we receive warnings that there could be challenges ahead. We manufacture memories, create new ideas and concepts, run a maintenance program that keeps brain function working at its best, and there’s even very credible research that suggests that added to all of this we even have time to have dreams that amuse us before we wake up. This ensures that we rise in the most optimistic mood possible.   

The fabulous resource that we have at our disposal every night is the opportunity to slow down, sleep and dream. And it’s in our dreams, and the rhythm’s that we experience during our sleep, that we in fact get the opportunity to work with our emotions, fine tuning them to ensure that upon waking we feel refreshed, reinvigorated and optimistic.  It is important to identify the emotions that pop up in our dreams as this provides a wonderful opportunity to connect with how we feel, what is currently occurring in our lives, and what is currently affecting our moods. Our dreams usually reflect everything that is difficult to everything that is joyous.


Here are some of the most common dreams that we have while we sleep and the feelings that these dreams might provoke.


Dreams of Falling


Why are we so frightened of falling when the sensation in itself is exciting? What we are really frightened of is being unsupported and crash landing. Falling in a dream may suggest that you feel unsupported in life. Who is supporting you? Why don’t you feel supported? What can you do to support yourself? What’s the context – work, relationships or a social situation? This will give you a clue to the areas of your life in which you feel unsupported.


Dreams of Being Naked


Nudity in a dream signifies a desire to show the raw you. If you’re naked at work, it may indicate a fear of being exposed in some way – perhaps you feel that you’re incapable of fulfilling your job requirements. If you’ve been dishonest, it may indicate a fear of being exposed. If you feel as though you’re often judged or misunderstood, you may have a dream of partial exposure. For example, you may find yourself at a board meeting without a top on. How do you feel about being naked? Do you feel exposed? A person may dream of being naked in they find out someone has read their diary or passed around private e-mails without their permission. 


Dreams about Celebrities


There are not too many people in the world who don’t secretly (or not so secretly) desire their 15 minutes of fame. The amount of importance we place on celebrity status is extraordinary. Just because someone can remember lines in front of a camera, belt out a tune in time or expertly handle a ball, they are automatically desirable. Who is the celebrity in your dream, and what does he or she represent to you, ie. physical prowess, mental skill or sexuality? Is this what you want more of in your life? Do you desire to be like the celebrity in your dream? Do you believe that you have an equal amount of talent, but are yet to be discovered (or have not yet been discovered)? 


Dreams of Flying


The most common feeling associated with flying is exhilaration, a sense a freedom. You can do whatever you want and are not scared of falling. It speaks of a desire to liberate you from mundane, day-to-day activities. A lot of people who dream of flying say it signifies a time in their lives when everything is flowing smoothly and they feel in control of their destiny. Other people say it gives them the strength and motivation to take responsibility for something in their lives that they feel is spiraling out of control.


Dreams about Sex and Love


Obviously anything to do with wish fulfillment, lust, fantasy or a desire to increase the number of family members doesn’t require a dream coach, you can work it out for yourself. If none of the above apply to you then the question is, do you want to be more intimate with someone? In other words be closer, more friendly and sociable. Remember we dream in symbols and therefore this could be just a symbol of wanting a closer relationship than the one you have with this person. It’s important to ask yourself what does this individual symbolize? If your making passionate love to your bank manager is it because he is a symbol of financial stability and that’s what you really desire deep down, unfortunately we can’t dream financial stability so we choose someone who represents that in our mind. The point is it’s more about the symbol and the emotion rather than the individual that’s there with you.


Dreams of Being Chased


It’s wonderful being chased if you are looking forward to being caught! But in a dream this is usually not the case. More often than not, the dreamer is running from something they do not wish to face. In your dream, are you running from an aspect of yourself, something that you are afraid of becoming, or something that you used to be that you no longer want to be? How you react to being chased is just as important as how you feel about it. Do you stop and confront the assailant, and face the situation? Or do you keep running, confident that you will not be caught?


Dreams about Teeth


It’s extremely common to dream of teeth falling out. First, make a dental appointment. If your dentist gives the all clear, then it’s time to explore other possible dream meanings. Perhaps you feel like your losing face. In many cultures, this indicates embarrassment, being put in a position that lowers your feelings of self-worth. This can include feeling isolated from others. What embarrassed you? How does this relate to your life right now? Another popular dream theme is rotting or weak teeth. This may indicate that you feel as though your youth is slipping away.


I’ve always indicated that a dream is like an onion. Each layer is unique in itself but part of the whole. I encourage you to explore each layer of your dreams to discover who you really are and what will add more meaning to your life.


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Leon Nacson


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