Being Prosperous and The Law of Attraction

It is interesting to observe that even though one of the greatest desires most people have is to be prosperous and to retire early, there are only a small percentage of people who even attempt this seemingly rigorous quest. One of the most significant misunderstandings is that to begin this journey one is expected to have a specific external criteria. But this criterion for creating a prosperous life has little to do with your academic qualifications, your age, your geography or your gender. It also bares little significance to your social status, who you know and where you have travelled. The question that then begs to be asked is what differentiates those who succeed in their dreams and aspirations, from those who are still struggling on this road to abundance?


According to Esther and Jerry Hicks, authors of the international bestsellers Money and The Law of Attraction and Ask and it is Given there are fundamental principles that can help you live a rich and fulfilling life. It is these concepts that successful people are regularly applying to their life whether they are doing it consciously or unconsciously.


So how do you get from ‘making ends meet’ to a more abundant life?


Below is a three-day process that you can implement to start seeing results.


Day 1: Discover Your Beliefs


Have you ever heard the phrase that ‘the power of belief can move mountains’? Well if it can move mountains it can also definitely make you feel as if you are buried under one. The first thing to understand is that the way we see the world is conditioned by the beliefs that we have embodied since we were born.  These beliefs, in turn, affect everything that we see, hear, think and experience – including our attitudes and the way we view ourselves. So as a result, if we have limited beliefs we would take limited actions and therefore have unfavourable outcomes. Some of these limiting beliefs drastically affect our prosperity and our quality of life.                                                                                                                                                                   


Some examples of self-limiting beliefs that many of us have are:


–       Life is a struggle

–       It is hard to change

–       You have to work hard for money

–       Nothing is ever easy


Once you can identify the belief systems that have been ingrained into your subconscious which influences the way you perceive your reality, you can then start to change these beliefs, thereby changing your reality.


“… there is the reality that is happening and there is your perception of the reality that is happening. If you work hard at looking at reality exactly as it is, then you offer a vibration exactly as the reality is, and the reality that you are in the process of creating or becoming, becomes just like the reality that is. In other words nothing changes. So, if you want something to change in your experience you have to change the way you perceive the experience.” – Abraham



Day 2: Changing The Way You Think


The key principles that successful people use can be utilised in all aspects of life and not in just the financial spectrum. One of the most important concepts to understand is the Law of Attraction. You may have heard this phrase used before in such terms as ‘like attracts like’ and ‘what you give out you get back’.  The basis of this Law is that whatever you put out, whether that is your thoughts, your words or your actions, you draw towards you the same thing. This tendency is why those who struggle always talk about the things they lack, and in turn always seem to be lacking in more things. Conversely, successful people always talk about the things they have or plan to have, and therefore always seem to have more things!


Once you start to become aware of how you manifest your reality through your thoughts, you can then start to take conscious and deliberate control of the way you think and what you think about.


You can therefore change your self-limiting beliefs into empowering ones.


Life is a struggle becomes life is free and easy

It is hard to change becomes I have the power to make changes in my life

You have to work hard for money becomes money comes easily and frequently

Nothing is ever easy becomes my opportunity for success is unlimited


As you start to consciously change the direction of your thoughts, the way you feel about yourself and your life will begin to change too. Instead of viewing your world in terms of lack and struggle the angle of the lens shifts and in accordance to the Law of Attraction, so does your reality.


“When you understand that you have control over your response to the now reality, now you can make the now reality anything you want it to be.” – Abraham


Day 3- Defining What You Want


The next phase in having a prosperous and successful life is to find a focus, which means you need to clearly define what you want. You are now aware of the way in which your thoughts are creating your reality and how most people are doing this by default, not by intent or design. By consciously choosing what you think about you can become a deliberate creator of your life.


The clearer you are about what you want the faster the manifestation process will occur. One of the easiest methods is to discover what makes you feel good, and accumulate more of that into your life. Or you can have a look at what you don’t want, which will help to give you and indication of what you do want.


Once you have a clear idea of what you want to manifest:


  1. Write it down
  2. Write the reasons why you want this
  3. Write down the reasons you believe you will have this


The first two points will help you focus your intentions and the last point will enhance your belief that you will have it.


Once you have completed this three-day process, the universe will respond to the energy that you are beginning to emanate and you will start to receive signs. These may come as physical signs you can see, ideas or even people you meet.


It is now up to you to be aware of the signs and live a life of wealth and prosperity. Remember that the universe works in mysterious ways and on its own timetable. So feel free to repeat this process as often as you feel is necessary.

Esther and Jerry Hicks

Money and  The Law of Attraction by Esther & Jerry Hicks is available at all leading retails in Australia. The Hicks are touring Australia in December 2009. Click here for information and bookings.


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