Be a Dog with a Bone – Peggy McColl

If life was like a dog we would probably need to wear a bib for the occasional drool problem, but life would be a lot simpler with the only stress of the day being when am I going to get my next juicy bone? 

According to Peggy McColl in her latest book Be a Dog with A Bone, there are a lot more things we can learn from dogs then what think.



Dogged Determination

Grab hold of that bone and never let it go!

When you know what you want, and you have no doubt that you want it, you need to become just like Maurice Richard. Clench your teeth firmly on your bone and don’t let it go. Be determined not to allow anyone or anything to take it from you.



Time to Teach an Old Dog New Tricks

Learn the behaviors that will guarantee you success.

Just like dogs, we’re creatures of habit—we’ll continue to do the things we’ve always done, the way we’ve always done them, unless we’re instructed to do otherwise and get lots of practice using the new technique.

Doing your research may take considerable time, creativity, and resourcefulness. Search the Internet, the library, and bookstores; talk to people about what you’re seeking and ask if they know anyone who can guide you; find a mentor; and check out community resources such as those geared toward small businesses or senior citizens.



Don’t Chase Your Tail

Stop doing things that get you nowhere.

In my career, I’ve chased a lead or pursued a contact only to discover, after a tremendous amount of work, that he or she wasn’t the right person to work with in the first place, and I wasted my time barking up the wrong tree. If you’re engaging in similar behavior, maybe it’s not a conscious choice. You might not be thinking of other possibilities, or perhaps you find it easier and more comfortable to do the same old thing rather than risk trying something new. You could start at the beginning of a learning curve and make some mistakes, or people around you may be unsupportive of the changes you’re making, but it’s important to be willing to stop the insanity and engage in more productive behaviors.



Only Ingest Things That Are Good for You

Poisons sabotage success.

Our canine friends aren’t always aware of what’s good for them. And while we humans do have the ability to know what’s good for us, we may not be aware that we know. In our state unawareness, we ingest harmful things, bringing them into our bodies and minds.



Be a Little Dog with a Big-Dog Attitude

Your attitude is the little thing that makes a big difference.

Do you have such an attitude? If not, I strongly urge you to develop one immediately because it’s especially good for helping you to hold on to your dream like a dog with a bone. You can connect with your courage and confidence by simply turning up the volume on any positive emotion—they’ll flow once you start to feel joy, tranquility, gratitude, or even creativity because all positive emotions enhance each other.

Even if your situation isn’t ideal and your circumstances aren’t the most opportune, or if you don’t believe that you can make huge leaps of advancement in a short period of time, you can be like Keaton and pursue your dream anyway. You may have to place one paw out there at a time, but soon you’ll take another step . . . and then another . . . until you’ll finally be over the top of your obstacles and well on your way to achieving your goal. Remember that your attitude will greatly affect your outcome—so an optimistic, positive one will turn the impossible into the possible. 



When You Feel You’ve Reached the End of Your Leash, Go Farther 

How to handle adversity and overcome any challenge.

Since dogs aren’t allowed to run free in most societies, we must teach our canine friends to follow our lead and not pull on (or avoid) the leash. Training puppies to go only as far as the leash will allow is fairly simple, because if they try to go any farther, they’ll choke themselves and become very uncomfortable. We humans experience a similar result when we try to stretch beyond our limitations: because we’re easily trained not to stretch ourselves too far, we tend to blindly accept those limitations.

The confines of your comfort zone are set by your beliefs, which were probably created at a young age. Your parents may have told you, “You can’t do that!” or “You’ll hurt yourself!” and at that precise moment, you set a boundary for yourself; that is, you determined the length of your leash. 



Drool unto Others as You Would Have Them Drool unto You

The most important lesson you can learn.

If you think that being nasty to just one person won’t hurt you, I suggest you think again. There’s a natural law of the universe that clearly states: “What you put out, you get back.” So if you’re putting out negativity, hostility, anger, resentment, or any other negative emotion, it will be returned to you. Any thought, negative or positive, will come back to you. Once you create the energy of that thought or feeling, you send it into the universe, and the universe only knows how to respond in kind.



Come on Out of the Doghouse

Courageously step forward into growth.

While life can sometimes be “ruff,” there’s no need to cower in the comfort of your doghouse. Come on out and face the world! Hiding won’t solve anything; it could quite possibly make matters worse. Pretending that unpleasant realities aren’t there doesn’t make them go away. If you have something you need to face, then do so head-on. Whatever your dilemma is, there’s always a way to solve it and resolve the situation gracefully. Making the choice to forgive yourself and others could be the solution. You might need to learn from the experience and forgive yourself for how you’ve acted, or you may need to stop blaming another person.

Whatever is required, find a way to resolve your problems rather than sneaking off to the doghouse and hoping they go away.


Peggy McColl’s, Be a Dog with a Bone, is available at all leading retailers. For more information go to

Be a Dog with a Bone

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